Monday, August 20, 2012

Reader’s Digest Condensed Version

OK, I do have news. But most people know it by now.

I have a new job in Federal Way, working for a Medicare advantage company. I think, I really think, I might actually get to think at this job. I’ll be leaving in about 3 weeks. Moving back to home. So I have a lot to do. Way too much for the weeks I have.

But here’s a short version of what’s been happening-

I raced probably my last Western Days Stampede, where the weather was fab and I placed 1 out of 2 in my age division. It was a great run.




Finish. I ran with this guy almost the whole way. He kept me going at a fine pace. And he never complained about my heavy feet and loud breathing.

I worked my last Saturday at Pine Needles, where Marcia scared the crap out of me by putting this naked person in the middle of the bathroom floor, so when you walked into the dark room, well, you get the picture. Gosh she was proud. Here she is, wrestling said naked person back into the shower-where she belongs


This past weekend, though, instead of getting ready to leave, I ran Ragnar for the Divas, third year in a row.


Starting in Winona-Van one!


I thought this was a bit funny. Those Ragnarians, they can be hilarious.


Lunch after leg one!



Resting in Stockholm, WI


Free Bloodies after we finished


And, our team at the end. I have more pictures but I don’t have more time. I’ve got to go pack-

Oh, but Laura showed up last week with a new hair.


I should say she showed up with about a foot less hair. So I took this picture but thought it looked a bit like muggish-so, we did it up right-


Touché Randy Travis, Lindsay Lohen, Nick Nolte-your mugs got nothin’ on this!

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