Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Productive, and then, not so much

I was tired this week. Post Vacation Stress Disorder. Look it up, it’s in the book.

Anyway, I did manage to finish this quilt top, which is so very cute.




It’s bugs. Now that I’ve made it once, realized it’s sort of directional, and figured out the errata in the pattern, I think I will make it again.

Otherwise, it’s been a regular week. Went to work, went to the gym, came home, watched a crap-ton of Olympics. Angie and I were at a client’s house and they had men’s beach volley ball on. Can you say distracted? And it was on an Olympic sized TV--very life sized, up close, and personal.

I wanted to show a very rare picture of the cats on the table. Because this just doesn’t happen more than once a day a lifetime.




See how they mock me?

Lastly, I stole a picture from Laura who, besides being fabulous in front of the camera, is also not bad behind one.

This is entitled “Fly”


See what I mean?

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