Monday, September 3, 2012

Pack a Little, Clean a Little, Pack Pack Pack Pack-Clean Clean Clean Clean……**

OK, so off we go. So sorry about the lack of bloggage. I obviously have been a little busy. And may I say, we are on pace and have achieved all our goals so far. In the past two and a half weeks we have packed up the house, cleaned up the house, and today I start on the final process of cleaning up the yard and starting on the final pack up of clothes. Very exciting.

I have to say I’ll miss the big house, which is pretty dang empty now. Except for the garage, which is packed up with our stuff.


Remember the day when this was packed with stash and sewing machines?


One bed left


And one cat on the other bed.


She’s like “the hell???? what happened to my stuff?”

I do have to say, packing up has a way of sending one slightly off the rails


This is me, in the middle of the frenzy, wearing a scrub hat playing with my thimble collection. I found the scrub hat in a drawer somewhere and thought I’d put it on. Sadly, I continued to wear it most of the day. I realize I have that look that makes people take a wide berth when passing on the street.

However, I’m not as crazy as this


I can’t even explain it.

Trixie was Freaked Out,


but yet strangely fascinated. She’s like “the hell??? these people are crazy, and where’s my stuff?”

The dogs have realized that something might be happening which causes them to never be more than 2.57 feet away from me at all times. Makes packing/rearranging just that much more fun.

On the upside, I did pull myself together enough to have lunch with my coworkers-one of which you should recognize….


That would be Laura, Mary K, and myself at the new Nupa’s. Which used to be Hershfield’s, or something like that.

And if I were a native Rochesterarian (is that a word?) I’d know because that’s how I’d give directions-“Go to Nupa, not the old Nupa that is by the old McDonalds which used to be Hardees but is now a new Walgreens-you know-but don’t go there, go to the new Nupa which is by HyVee, but HyVee south, not north or Barlow, and it used to be Hershfields but it’s not, and it’s right by the Cap and Cork, which used to be the phone place but now is a liquor store. You know the spot.

Whereas I like to say, on Hiway 14, by HyVee south. Just past Broadway (or just before-depending on your direction). I am hoping street addresses are still popular back in the Northwest….

Anyway, we did have a nice lunch, delicious-and the guy just behind Laura was the county manager. So apparently Nupa is Olmsted County approved.

So that’s it, next blog will be from the road I hope. I think I can do it. Although it might be from Tacoma-maybe a brief note from Gramma’s when we get there.

In the meantime-Yeltsie wouldn’t even pose-she’s all “the hell? I’m sick of you people and where’s my stuff?


See ya in Seattle!

**Sometimes I have to wonder if anyone gets the references in the titles. For those who aren’t up on their epic musicals (and if life could be a musical I’d be in heaven) this would be a little take off on The Music Man-Pick a Little, Talk a Little.

Thank you and Safe Travels.

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