Monday, February 13, 2012

Hurry up Blog

This is a hurry up blog. I am leaving tomorrow for Seattle and have to update my iPod. I am also training my bladder to stretch to 15 times it’s normal capacity. I have a theory that once we get into the air the cabin pressure exerts at least 5x the normal bladder psi until I can no longer stand it. And, since I sit next to the window almost exclusively, well, the two people on the outside are never happy. I usually try to wait until either the drinks come or the outside person has just fallen asleep.

Because that’s the type of flyer I am. And I’ve been doing it for way too long.

And that’s why this is a hurry up blog.

But did you watch Downton Abbey-did you? Jeesh, Mary and Matthew-come ON!

So next week I promise to have some serious news, and probably some pictures out of the crap camera.

Guaranteed to be a little blurry, and slightly off color, but pictures none the less.

Happy Flying to Me!

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