Monday, November 21, 2011

The Northwest and Back

So, when I left everyone I was in Vegas. We were there packing up and the next day off we went to the airport. Martha flying directly to Seattle, me? not so much.


It was a sunny day in Vegas at the airport.

Here’s the snow we ran into at Red Rock yesterday.


I got to Phoenix after a while. DSC01767

And when I got there, I decided that I could not face steerage. I just couldn’t. I was too used to foot space. I love me some foot space. So I did the unthinkable-I upgraded to first class. My friend Julie (jchant) says they charge so much to keep the riff raff out. Like me. Because I didn’t quite know what to do with myself up there.

I took a picture of my feet. Because I could see them.


And a picture of the seat next to me (empty with biiig arm rests)


And, the stuff they gave me.


I got club soda, TWO cookie packs, a pillow AND a blanket. Draped over the huge arm rest. Seriously. The flight attendant thought I was weird taking these pictures. I thought she was very lazy. She hardly waited on me at all. She got to sit and do her crossword the whole flight. Note to self-don’t fly US Airways. Ever. Again.

Mount Baker greeted us as we got to Western Washington-


And, check out the Seattle landmarks.


Seattle docks, Safeco and Century Link Fields.


Took a picture of the mountain on the way home to Tacoma. But I didn’t take any pictures whilst I was there. Not one.

I was only here for a couple of days. Watched some football, checked out the new ovens (sweet) and did my biz. Oh, and went to Nordstrom (again) and this time I did a little retail therapy and got a new credit card. It’s time I got some rewards.

Then hopped a plane for home sweet home.


Sunrise to the south and the Cascade range. There are three mountains there (4 actually, but it’s really hard to see the 4th). I do miss the mountains.

But when I got back, the fields of Minnesota were just fine with me-



Plugged into the radio (my favorite station),


and arrived in St. Charles, all in one piece.

Except I’m still missing these clothes.


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Julie said...

Did I really say that about riff-raff? Just so you know, you are definitely not in that category (and I would be taking the same pictures, too).