Monday, November 28, 2011

Doin’ it better than me…..almost.

So, first of all, Blane’s 27th birthday on the 17th.



This makes me officially old. Because, after all, it is all about me. Plus that’s not any cake, that’s a Daube’s cake. Oh yeah.

Earlier in the day we had another Daube’s cake at work, because it was Cathy’s birthday. (It was also Jules birthday, and my former boss Sue, and Lynette in the office-it was a crazy amount of birthdays which makes me wonder about the 9 months previous to this date-Valentine’s Day? Puhleese.)


That all happened.

So I thought I’d blog it, but then I got to reading the Blogess and I was seriously feeling bad about my own blog. Even one of my co workers, who does not blog and should not throw stones, or whatever is appropriate for dissing a blog when you don’t write one, said my blog was a dull retelling of my boring life. Really.

So the Blogess was getting me down, down, down. I mean, the woman is hilarious and she has a cat named Ferris Mewler. Ferris Mewler-She originally chose the name Bob Barker, which is about as good as Ferris Mewler. I have Cat. Which I spell in the French Chat so my obvious inability to name animals isn’t so obvious. Not only that, but this lack of talent in naming is apparently generational since Blane’s cat is named Good Kitten.

And not only is the cat named Ferris Mewler, it has 5 toes on each foot. It has EXTRA freaking toes.

Here’s our list

No tail


No eye


No brain


(Yes he’s in the bathtub and no, he doesn’t know why)

And I am sure Ferris does not stalk the dog toys, that the dogs refuse to sniff, retrieve, or even carry around to simulate normal dog activity.


Then I started reading the links to other blogs off of the Blogess’s site and I was even more down about my pathetic attempts at entertaining myself in an online forum.

But then I realized I have one thing, the one thing, that no other blog will ever have..

PB160029 - Copy**

My ever faithful and steady blog muse Laura. And even better, she is carrying a cow. If you only knew. 

Game on bloggers, game on.

**RIP Twinkles

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caillie said...

Sorry about Twinkles!
Still love the cow!
Your blog does not suck! I enjoy reading it when I actually get a minute which hasn't been lately and I am sorry about that!