Monday, November 14, 2011

A Little Vacation, A Lotta Travel-Chapter 1

So, as I said I took a little vacay last week. I think it was last week. I started out by travelling to Vegas to see Cody.

I took the early van to MSP


And while I was waiting for this, I finished this


The first of the  winter Skacel/Knit Purl Hunter KAL.

I headed out of MSP and made a stop in Denver. While I was flying there, the guy next to me said he was sure relieved that the flight wasn’t cancelled because of the snow storm in Denver. Really? Snow Storm? I am mightily glad I didn’t know that before I flew.


It was a little snowy, but not bad.


See the snow didn’t stick to the ground. So I got in just in time to wait.


DIA is kind of a weird place. The Frontier lady told me it’s supposed to look like the snowy rocky mountains. Maybe.

And then to Vegas.

The purpose of going to Vegas at this time was to see Angie who went with a group for her 30th birthday. But it was also to see Cody, and to visit with Martha.

Well, I did visit with Cody and ran all over with Martha, but never got to see Angie. She was very busy celebrating on the Strip.

Meanwhile, Martha and I ran around Vegas. We went to the Old Navy and Nordstrom Rack, (that was just the first night-we returned to Old Navy the next day) followed by the Quiltique quilt store, and then to west Vegas to the yarn store. Gosh we were busy.

The weather was beautiful. For the day.


We ate lunch at the Bistro at the Arts Factory, and they had very cool palette tables.


See? Cool. We ate a vegan lunch, and I have to be honest, those Vegans sort of came back at us. We were a little queasy after lunch. It was a delish veggie sandwich with sweet potato fries. We never figured it out, but after a few Tums we felt a little better.

We decided to head towards the strip to see if we could find Angie at O’Shea’s, but instead found this-


That’s what I’m talkin’ about. And it was the half yearly sale. I didn’t buy anything, but enjoyed the sweet ambiance of the customer service known as Nordstrom.

We went out to the strip, to O’Shea’s, but we weren’t able to find Angie. And we had to go meet Cody for dinner. I complained that the strip was too crowded so Martha took this picture to prove my point.


See how disturbing those crowds are? Jeepers. We had to go.

We saw some of the lights of Vegas, and the sunset as we drove away.


The Luxor


The Lights


The Sunset

We had Sushi with Cody and his friend Maral. So sushilicious. We were over the attack of the Vegans and thoroughly enjoyed our dinner.

The next day we decided to go to the Ethel M chocolate factory, where they make Mars candy (you know, like M&M’s, Mars bars etc). They also make other fine candies, and have a pretty cool cactus garden. Which, by the way, was getting spruced up for Christmas.




After we toured the factory and bought some delicious chocolates, we took a turn around the cactus garden.

 DSC01701 DSC01706 DSC01708


I took a bazillion pictures, but I have to keep going with the story.

Because after this lovely scene, we decided to go to Red Rock Canyon. (I put in this link because it has the picture gallery, where you can see there really is snow-we couldn’t make that up)

We started the drive and saw this-


Lovely sunny mountains on the right, but where we were going,


well, not so much.

We got to the canyon, which was beautiful, by the way

DSC01744 DSC01734 DSC01739 DSC01742

But it was getting pretty chilly and the weather was coming….

As we drove up the canyon, DSC01750

it started to blow and to snow. My first snow of the season and it’s in Vegas.

I have been to Vegas three times now, and each time it has rained. Each time.

Anyway, by this time I had put on two extra shirts Martha had in the car, and I got out to take the above picture, and Martha got this picture of me


Crazy. Oh, and that blue sweater and coral shirt? They never made it home. Don’t know where they went, but this is the last known picture of those clothes. Sad. But true.

We left the Red Rock Canyon and went directly to the Red Rock Canyon Casino


Yep. After another trip across town to another yarn store that we thought was 5 minutes away but was actually a half hour away and closing when we got there, we met Cody here for dinner buffet. Because seriously, if in Vegas, one must have a casino buffet.

We finally got back to the hotel and packed up for travel early the next day-


And so ends the first part of the journey. Stay tuned for part two-coming soon to a blog near you.

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Love the shawl, what a beautiful color! The flowers on the cactus are pretty neat too!