Monday, May 23, 2011

More Painting

Last week was busy trying to make everything look like it should.

The red wall is gone, replaced by boring brown.


Red Wall-Loved the red wall.


Brown wall. Yawn. Wake me when it’s over

Now the blue bedroom, well that’s another story.

Bye bye blue dungeon


Aloha bright and airy new bedroom


Serious improvement there.

Last week our director, Mary Wellik, had a lunch for us because she is retiring after spending her entire life at Olmsted County.

So we ate.


Laura is getting food AND telling me what to do. I am not sure she’s really telling me what to do, but that’s the look she usually has when she is telling me what to do.

There’s Lyndsey and Rachael looking on. Don’t know who the caterer guy is.

And while we were eating, Laura found a baby (Shocker!)

DSC00708 DSC00707

That is Jill’s baby, but I can’t remember the baby’s name. And she has a weird kind of pacifier in her mouth which gives the odd impression that she has one of those baby doll mouths-like this

In real life, not like that at all.

Hey-I got a new purse last week. Did I already blog it? I think not.


Not a great picture, but it is my new purse. I just couldn’t make the small one work. I have too much stuff-iPod, camera, glasses, shopping bags. You know, stuff you need.

It’s getting green out at work, here’s the workplace seasonal indicator tree


Weather is questionable, although it looks nice on this day.That was probably right before it started raining.

But I guess it did get sunny for a minute because look at these two.



Last weekend, however, weather was bad-rain, wind, storms. Tornados in Minneapolis, but just thunder, lightening, rain and wind wind wind here in the Charles.

A perfect day to meet up with the knitting group.


Barb, Susan, and I. We were happier than this picture looks. Really. And look at our knitting line up-that’s the Skacel KAL, baby. I told Barb to bring her April socks so we could pose this month,and then I forgot mine. What an airhead.


Lorna was there too knitting on a shawl with some seriously soft yarn.


And Barb, the fixer. I always say-Give it to Barb, she’ll fix it. I don’t know how she does it. I guess if I did, I wouldn’t be saying give it to Barb, eh?

The Bills next door have completed what I like to call the Shrine of our lady of the Trampoline


So they filled in, put in a retaining wall, and could have a lovely green space, but yet they do not do this. They are seeding which is the light brown straw in the foreground. Will keep you updated. (If you can’t see clearly, there is also a fake goose under the arbor thing-unsure of the significance….)

And lastly, a little sunrise. If we move, I sure will miss the views.

Be sure to click to make it bigger, and enjoy the day.


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