Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In the Cities

I’ve been busy, just too busy. I know I keep saying it, but it’s true. It’s really, really true.

Every weekend has been filled to the brim with activities, which makes the weekday evenings the catch up time for everything I couldn’t do on the weekend because I was so busy.


I went out early Saturday and knitted with my friend Barb at Dunn brothers. I didn’t get a picture of Barb, but I did get her basket.


Then it was off to Laura’s for a cat photo shoot and to make our way to Stewartville.

Laura is fostering something like a billion cats, and wanted a picture of herself with said beasts.

Do you know what it’s like trying to get 9 or so kittens in one place?

DSC01672 DSC01668 

DSC01656 DSC01657

Ok, but we did get some cute pics, this one being my fave


Plus, I got to goof around with kittens.

 DSC01652 DSC01655 DSC01679 DSC01680 DSC01649 DSC01650

The place is alive.

Then it was off to other things. Saturday was Morgan’s first birthday, which is why we rushed off to Stewartville. We had to attend .


See? She’s all dressed up in birthday hats.


This child has some serious cuteness going on.



And look how much she loves her little cake! Also a girl after my own heart. She is really a ham, I couldn’t believe how she loves an audience.

Ali brought our little Chase. Look how big he’s getting-

DSC01696 DSC01697

He’s a regular kid.

And it wouldn’t be anything without Laura hogging a baby.




Even I got into the action

DSC01702 DSC01701

I have taken to calling us the crazy aunts.

We drove off to Racine and picked up my sewing machine. Laura was waving at the other cars, but didn’t know she was waving and hilarity ensued.

You would have had to have been there I guess. We, however, know, that being in the car together can be dangerous.

Sunday I went to the cities to meet up with some knitters I know from Ravelry. We went to the Pannekoeken restaurant in N St Paul.


Here we are. A pretty darn fun group. There’s (from Right) Jill, me, Monica, Lorri, and Casey. I would put down their Ravelry names, but it would take too long.

We sat there and talked for almost two hours, then went off to Lila and Claudine’s, the cutest little knitting store ever.

It’s just the kind of place I like. Lots of fiber and comfy chairs.

DSC01707 DSC01706

It’s a great place. And I had so much fun.

Yesterday, my friend Janice came from Alaska, but I don’t have her picture up yet. Next time. I do have a picture my sister sent from my mom’s birthday.


There they are! And I’ll be seeing them on Monday.

I have been meaning to post this picture from my sister Debbie’s backyard. I’ve had it quite a while.

Debbie's Javalina

She calls it a javelina, but I call it a pig. Or maybe a boar.

Debbie's Javalina

Upon closer inspection, I am going with a pig-a wild pig.

So, I’m leaving Sunday for the Twins/Mariners game, then off to Seattle at oh-five-hundred in the AM on Monday. I’ll see how much blog I get in. Hopefully some because I have big, BIG, plans.


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