Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday America

Yesterday was the 4th of July. It was a rainy and gray day here. A good day to stay inside and enjoy the holiday. It rained off and on all day, but by evening it stopped enough to let us have some fireworks.

Taking pictures of fireworks is a dicey proposition at best. I thought I’d use my bigger camera. Something has gone wrong with my big camera though. I keep thinking I have fixed it. I bought it new batteries, and then a new battery charger. I read the instructions (after 7 years) and changed some settings back and forth. However, the thing has an issue somewhere, plain and simple. But I got a few pictures out of the deal. Blurry, because it was dark and the exposure was long and I was holding the camera in my hand (not a tripod). Then, when I’d snap the picture, I never knew when the camera would actually TAKE the picture. There were delays, but not consistent delays. It was all good fun-for the camera.




Pretty wild-eh? Notice that we have the ultimate viewing area-this is from my rocker on the front porch. Sweet.

I have been working on the horrible quilt and knitted block this weekend. It is a personal goal to get through the paper piecing of this dang quilt. It is a stash buster, but it takes forever. Mainly because you can’t just run pieces through the machine. It is slow and tedious, and this is what I have to show for the past month.


The mountains are done. This is 16 pieced blocks.


And one flower/pinwheel block. These are the most complicated of the pinwheel blocks, and I have about 10 more quarters to make. Not all of the quarter blocks go together like this to make a whole, only two.  Some of the blocks are split up so there might only be a quarter or half block to a square. Some of the other pinwheels don’t have borders on the outer edges, the points go all the way to the edge.

They take forever. I started the second whole one today.

I finished the center piece for the Salpekar block from the GAAAAAAAAA. I had to block the living bejesus out of it to get it to fit into the border.  This was not a blocking for the faint hearted with a little spray bottle. Oh no! This was serious biz. I soaked it in the sink, and then pinned it. In additions, before I even got to the blocking part, I had to weave in all the horrible little ends, of which there were about 20. So by the time I got to this step, I was ready to go.


OK, this is pre blocking. Can you see how there is a LOT of space between the border and the middle square? And see how squished up the middle square is (probably trying to protect itself)

Well, not anymore.


Yeah baby. That’s what I am talking about. It is about 1/5th bigger than preblocked. But it’s gonna fit, dang it. I can’t wait to finish this thing.

My little bird helped too. I only have one little bird left, as we never did find the other one after he flew away off my shoulder.


Trixie and Beta did not care at all.



And no blog would be complete without a little news of the 2100.

Yep, at work we finally got the chairs for our tables, which sit outside the bathrooms. We have speculated on their purpose for many days. And finally we found out the truth. There is no purpose. They bought little chairs for them and they making a little sitting area, in a very weird spot.



Who am I to say? I did throw in the abandoned floor buffer because I thought it added a certain je ne sais quoi to the photo. Like, look at all the money we spent on these chairs and tables while maintenance disappeared and left their equipment sitting next to them.

However, maintenance came back shortly and buffed the floors, so my pictorial essay on the irony of the 2100 was short lived.

And, what would my blog be without a little Laura? Seriously, should this be titled Sarah’s (and Laura’s) day?

Laura came upstairs to inform me that we would not be taking our walk on our afternoon break because she was taking the afternoon off. This, I believe, was Friday before a long weekend.

And, she could hardly contain herself……


This is Laura telling me (and Mary K) she is leaving shortly.  Does it say anything at all that someone should be so happy about leaving their place of work? Anything at all? I thought so.

The other great thing about the weekend was there was a two day Monk Marathon. Two days! Although I had seen about every one it doesn’t matter. It’s Monk.

Happy 4th of July!

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