Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good Byes

Well, Cody and Kate left today. I think that is why I am late to the blog. It was very busy yesterday. Cody decided at 4 PM to sell his bass’s and amp. So off we ran to the Rochester Music Store. This is after his dentist appointment and oil change, all in the day before he was to leave. I am not sure why this wasn’t done, maybe, last week….I mean, nothing like waiting until the last minute.

But either way, gone they are. It hardly seems like a year since Cody graduated and came home. All those nights of leaving at 10:30, or working on the weekends, or playing World of Warcraft with Dylan all night long.

Now we have a big house all to ourselves-again.

Last weekend we went to Madison to visit Dave’s son Justin and his girlfriend Katie. I know, there are a lot of Kates and Katies.

While there, we went to the zoo. I like the zoo, but this one made me a bit sad. Not like the big zoos with animals keeping each other company. More like caged animals being bored. But here they are.

Lions-they were the most relaxed.


Pacing Black Bear


Orangutan staring down the crowd


Weird, skunk tail monkeys (out of focus behind the glass)


Giant Chimp


Sea Lions –or maybe sea otters?




Sad, pacing tiger


Pacing Brown Bear (lots of pacing going on)


It was pretty hot. We saw a peacock showing off too


Hard to see through the fence, and I had to be quick because he was turning around.

And, last, but not least, the prairie dog nation

 DSC01621 - Copy


We went out to dinner at  Quivey’s Grove, which was delicious. And I got a really cute present for Morgan’s 1st birthday, which I can’t show because Lyndsey could be spying.

We got home the next day, and beat the rain. We did get a nice rainbow in the evening.


The GAAAAA block is finally getting stitched together.


One side done! 3 to go.

So, this has to be a quick blog post because Dave is having  a string of bad luck and I have to go. First the car broke, and THEN, tonight, his computer died. Things are a little stressful about now. The computer broke when he was trying to access the credit union to get the loan to buy another used vehicle. Maybe he ought to get a little extra for the computer…..

So next week I promise to 1) be on time and 2) tell you the really, really mean things that Laura AND her mom are doing to me. Yes, the whole family is involved. I tell ya, that Laura’s mom. Sweet retired elementary school teacher on the outside, but on the inside…….well, you’ll see.

Happy Middle of July!


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