Sunday, September 13, 2009

Things I did last week, and the week before.

Last week, well right up until today, has been very busy.

Actually we should start at week before last. Monday, August 31st to be exact. I had the day off and decided on a bike ride. This is what I saw.

                    bike ride 2

This is a pretty big grainery place. Or what ever it’s called. Know what? The midwest gets picky about what you call places. I called the farm down below a cow lot. Oops. That is not right and don’t ever do it. However, I still don’t know what it is called because I don’t think it is a feed lot but it might be a dairy barn. But it is not a cow lot.

And I saw a mailbox too.


I thought I would take a picture of myself. I never have a picture of myself. Only I forgot I had it on zoom so this is what I got.


I laughed so hard I  couldn’t take another picture. Plus I am too wrinkly that close up.

On Thursday was the last Block of The Month at Pine Needles.


Marcia showed us the last block. Sniff, sniff-I am always kinda sad at the end of the Block. We won’t be starting again until Jan. But that’s ok because I really need to do some work on this one….


As you can see, some one has finished our Block of the Month Quilt! It really is beautiful. I think when I get done I will hang it somewhere. But I don’t know where yet.


Here is another variation on that quilt. The owner is on the left, Marcia is awed on the right, as were the rest of us. She was doing practice squares before the quilt squares. Wow. That is admirable for sure.


We had a little more show and tell. I can’t remember the name of this quilt, and I can never remember the names of who made them! But I do get the creators in the picture. So at least they get some credit. Isn’t that a cool looking thing? And check out the back-


WooHoo. Here’s a close up.

DSC00497 - Copy

Those are some psychedelic butterflies.

And lastly, but not leastly, look at this cool appliqué on bargello

DSC00499 DSC00498

I really like that. I wish I could be so creative. I am always thinking of things I could make but never do. So now that we are taking a block break I’ll get a little more out of the box. So to speak.

I didn’t think I’d be going to retreat this year. A couple of unexpected things came up (like cat teeth and insurance), but it turns out I can go and I am going to help with the mystery quilt too. I spent this whole week making it. I’d show ya but I’d have to kill ya. It’s a secret-that’s why it’s a mystery quilt-get it? But I finished it and it is at Pine Needles. I just realized I put a bolt of material up for backing and I didn’t even think it has to be sewn together too. I have been so spaced out it is unbelievable. Even for me. And that is saying something.

Anyway, that’s the wonder of Pine Needles. Grand opening in Decorah this week.


Better Hurry up and go! September 16-19.

Saturday, Sept 5th, was knitting BOTM at Dunn Brothers. No pictures, but next week I’ll update my block progress.

Sunday, the 6th, we went to a party at Dave’s brother’s daughter’s house. Got that? It would actually be Dave’s niece, Betsy. It was Joe and Carol’s 40th anniversary.


Here’s the happy couple with their daughters, from right is Joe, Carol, Sherry, Besty. At least I think that is their names. (I had to make Dave get up and look which took a while even though he is only about 2 feet away. I am not sure he even knows anyway)


Here is Barb and Helen. When Barb and Tom arrived Barb had a card with a gift card and when they were getting off of their motorcycle Tom bumped her hand and the card flew in the air and landed right in the sewer, about 6 feet down. Can you believe it? Helen said we could never duplicate that even if we tried. I had to agree. We did march out and look. I am not sure what the neighbors thought.


That’s Mike, Helen’s husband, me and Barb. We still can’t believe it.

Last week Cody had a super fantastic 90 day job performance review in which he was told it was the highest one ever given. Good job little bug.

Then, even better, the next day he was invited for an interview at Touro Nevada medical school of osteopathic medicine.


And here is a brief history of Osteopathic medicine, in case you were wondering.

His friend and former UNE roommate (and a Seattle-ite….Seattleonian? Anyway, he’s from the Seattle area. Well Enumclaw but we won’t hold it against him) is there now. So Cody is going to stay with him.

Anwyway, this triggered another shopping frenzy. He needed a suit. And not just any suit. The INTERVIEW suit. So yesterday I took my car to get the oil changed and met Cody at the Toyota place. We got coffee, ran to Racine for a quilt pick up and drop off. (Many comments about the cost of sewing machines by Cody. The girl who was working thought he was my husband. Cody said she was able to compliment me and insult him all at once)

Then off to the mall. We started at Penney’s as Dave was told by a Mayo doc you could get a good price on suits. That’s all well and good but we had no idea what we were doing and no one paid any attention to us for about 10 minutes so we left. We then went to Macy’s and the same thing. No help, we didn’t see anything and didn’t know what we were looking at. Remember, this is the INTERVIEW suit so it has to be perfect.

So we did what had to be done. We went to Nordstrom. Ahh, Nordstrom. We walked in and told the guy Cody needed a suit and before we could say “charge it” we had a personal guy, Chad, and we were off and running. After about an hour and a half we had suit, measurements, alterations (will be ready Thursday), shirt, tie, shoes, socks and belt. Belt to match shoes. (I, like the idiot I am, asked the guy if the belt would match the grey suit and that’s when I was told the belt should match the shoes. Oh yeah, kinda like the purse thing. Only I have never been able to accessorize so it is no wonder I would not know these things). We got an extra pair of casual shoes and some casual clothes at Eddie Bauer.

If only they could accept him on his good taste in where to get a suit.

And just when I was going to blog the event I realized my camera was dead. So next week I’ll get a shot of the INTERVIEW suit.

Man, I am exhausted now. But that was the last couple of weeks.

Oh, and school started. Epidemiology this quarter.

Next Friday we go to Appleton for the Powerwalk with Mary and Tony.

Stay tuned.


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