Thursday, September 24, 2009

Purse Party

I am so behind with everything, including the blog. And you know I like to keep up with things.

Anyway, I am starting with the purse party. Last Thursday I went to a purse party. I didn’t know much what to expect, but the girls convinced me to go, especially when Laura said “The babies are coming”

And come they did!


Angie gave us a ride and Laura rode in the back with this one. Interesting that Laura jumped right in the back. Next to the baby. If anyone is surprised by this behavior they really need to go back and do some remedial blog post reading. I mean-seriously.

So our Cora was in a pretty good mood. Laura fed her and took many pictures, like this one.

Then we arrived at the party in Zumbro Falls. I think it was Zumbro Falls. How soon I forget….



And this one showed up. (Funny thing, I have pictures of Laura, Angie, the babies, and even me, but none of Ali! The mothers don’t really count anyway, it was almost accidental that they get pictured at all) Look at Chase. He’s giving me the Ali look again.


And after Laura bought a couple of things, we went all out on babies and Angie and Ali went shopping.


Not sure how to caption this one…..


Accidently got Angie in here. Cora isn’t sure what to think. She really wants a purse.


Look at these two. Jeepers. Chase is wondering why Cora is invading his space and Cora still wants a purse.


I had lots of fun goofing with Chase.


We had a little possessiveness with the water bottle.


East meets West in the battle of the babies.


Cora is crawling like there is no tomorrow! I had to corral her and her blankie.

Then it was time to go.



Next time-Appleton and the Amazing Race!

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