Saturday, February 21, 2009

More and More Babies

Well, we have seen the new baby Chase. He is very cute and has reddish hair.

My Blane had reddish hair too when he was born, and a kind of a mohawk going on, but I digress.

Anyway, we have viewed babies, alone and in pairs-this is what we saw:

This is Chase. He is about 2 weeks old now. He was very tired this day.

Remember Cora? She is GIANT! She is about 6 weeks and she has grown.

Look, here they are-I decided on this view so you could see all that hair.

Here's our sweet Patty with little Chase. Patty and I are from the mean mom school and both let our children cry without picking them up. It is true. We put them to bed in their own rooms and let them cry sometimes so they could figure out how to comfort themselves. Patty talks of putting headphones on but I haven't heard the whole story about that. We also have low tolerance for drama. Ahh, it is grand that I sit next to Patty at work. We are thinking of putting a little confessional window in our wall so we can just make our short but sweet comments without having to get up or yell them out. She has been known to make me laugh out loud and get in trouble at work. She looks great in my picture.

And last but not least, mothers and babies. Holy Cow but I am glad that is over. Now the fun can really begin!

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