Monday, February 9, 2009

Baby Showers

Last week we had a baby shower for Angie and Cora Rae. She was a very good baby throughout and didn't even mind being held by a dozen women. Here's some pics of the day.

We had some serious food.

And of course, Cake-delicious cake. Isn't that cute? Wanda (our supervisor) decorated by hand. A woman of many talents, we decided.

Patty did the decorations. She is a party planner extrodinaire. I asked her why she doesn't do this professionally and she says because she would want to be organizing the partygoers even after the party started. In otherwords, she thinks she would be a buzzkill. But I think she would be great.

There were lots of presents too.

And many guests

Oh, and one other thing.

Cora and Angie came too! (That's Angie above with the interpreters Hannah and Yasmine who are mad because they don't think they look good. Or perhaps Angie looks so good she is making everyone think they look bad!)

Cora Rae, thinking about life and a clean diaper.

Angie and Cora.

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