Saturday, February 21, 2009

Birthday Lists

I know! Two posts in one day-
I have been meaning to get this one out for a while as it is extremely important and time sensitive material


I figure that since this is a golden birthday it is ok to blog my birthday list out to the world-
so here goes:

The doable list:
Diffuser (the one I had ran out of oil-preferebly a sea or outdoor scent)
Shuffle iPod
Electric Pencil Sharpener for work (provide my own, budget cuts and all)
Yarn Swift
Straight needle set (not DPN) Harmony needles from KnitPicks
Electric Tea Kettle (also for work-I need my afternoon tea)
Photoshop program for my computer (I really need to photoshop some of you people)
Gold Chain
Portable Digital Camera

This list may be edited and added to. I'll note it if I do.

Ok, here is the impossible list
Bernina Editor Software (seriously, like $800-can you believe it? I got the whole microsoft office for $10 plus shipping)
New computer/laptop (I would love to have both and can't decide which-this computer occasionally gives me the blue screen of death-I am thinking it is terminal but somehow we keep going)

So there.

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