Monday, August 24, 2015

Cats Cats Cats

Laura and I attended the International Internet Cat Video Festival.  And, I just realized, it’s a tour! Yes. Could be coming to your town soon.

It was at the ball field in St. Paul. CHS Stadium. (The pictures on the website aren’t from this year because there weren’t seats down on the outfield—it was blankets). We got there early and took a little walking tour of St. Paul while we were waiting. We (and by we I mean Laura) paid the exorbitant Seattle priced parking but in the end so very worth it for ease of entering and exiting. The doors didn’t open until 6:30 so we ended up sitting by the gates people watching. There were some interesting people. Not as many crazy cat people as we thought there might be. But interesting none the less.

We got in, snagged some super seats, and got something to eat.


OMG—a mac and cheese hot dog. And may I say, everything I’d hope it would be.

Laura sent in pictures of her cats and we saw them—on the big screen.


When we saw them we cheered and clapped which got the attention of those around us even though we thought we were being fairly subdued…by our standards. Which is possibly one of the reasons we get shusshed on a regular basis.

See all the peeps getting set up in the field? They said it was the biggest crowd ever in that stadium—over 13,000 cat lovers all in one place.


Garfield was there, along with a big giant scary cat that I didn’t get a picture of.


Laura and I were there, of course, with the masses behind us. This picture was taken on our quest to find ice cream.

IMG_1395Of course we did this--  


And we enjoyed the videos.

Final opinion-2 thumbs up but once was likely enough. It was pretty crowded and they weren’t really set up for that big of a crowd.  And as we all know—not a big fan of the crowd. One must, however, experience it at least once. And who better to do that? Laura and me.

Not many vendors either—we sorta thought we might get a unique cat toy or something….

All this cat talk made me get a kitten. We’ve been down a cat for a while and we decided that we needed a kitten. The final push was that 1) my friend Angie had a cat that had kittens so she had some kittens available and 2) Abby got sick and needed a kitten.

Yep—Abby got sick a week ago Thursday. Well, she’d been getting sick and I thought—that dog is sick, she’s bloated and swollen up and she probably ate some more of my clothing. So—we did a quick inventory and had all our socks so didn’t think it could be that. Once at the vet it was determined she needed a splenectomy and off to surgery she went. Yeah. She had a gargantuan sized spleen that had to come out.


Abby after surgery thinking “the hell????….”

She’s much better now and running and playing but still a little slow on the walks.

So we got the kitten to make her feel better. Only she’s not a big fan. This kitten has actually caused Abby to bark twice. And she never barks.

IMG_1405 IMG_1406

This is our new kitten and her name is Biscuit, but I call her Little Puss.


She sort of took over the dog bed which may be one of the reasons Abby is feeling a little salty.

IMG_1409 IMG_1410

We love her but Abby? Not a big fan.

We also love the black and white.

Lastly, somewhere in there we volunteered for the Ragnar Relay  at the swag tent, starting line.

It was soooo hot. Heat index Saturday (day 2) 100 degrees. That’s just wrong.

DSC01119  Sunrise over the start



We volunteered for some of our old team mates and here’s Tina starting--


She looks pretty happy to be running even though it’s really hot and humid. Really. Humid.


It was pretty though. I volunteered with Ali and Tiff, and we were just happy as heck that we weren’t running.

I did run last weekend with Cathy. We teamed up and ran a half marathon as a relay team.

I started--

20150822_064733 20150822_065918

I ran with the 2 hour pacer guy until the exchange--


Then Cathy passed the two hour guy at the end and we finished under two—which was totally fabulous

IMG_3372 (3)

I’d totally do that again. The day was super nice weather and it was a great run and great time.

Yay. For. Us.

So-next up the boys will be here over Labor Day, and Ilan is getting married the following week. Among other things…

Lastly, Laura’s birthday was yesterday, the 23rd of August. I had a card AND a little something which I didn’t get to her because that’s how I roll.

Happy Happy birthday to my good friend and all around great person—Laura Mix!


We all love kittens….


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