Monday, August 10, 2015

And Another Thing…

Cause there were a few other things that happened besides Seattle and Ragnar and graduations and traffic.


Like, I got a new car-


But not this one.


This one. My sister has a Passat Wagon which is a bit longer. I really liked it and saw this Jetta for sale.(They don’t make Passat wagons anymore-or so they said)  I have gotten to be a fan of the hatchback but not a big fan of an SUV or crossover. I did look at an Outback and Forester but too much money for the car. So—I looked at this one on July 3rd, Friday, and returned the following Monday. Traded in the Toyota and now we are straight up German Engineering.


I do love my new (used) car.

When I flew back from Seattle I upgraded to first class which allowed me to drink in the bar before boarding. I don’t know how the two are related but they are.

I saw these lined up and had to do a double take AND take a picture


See me in the mirror snapping my photo with my giant purse next to me? I just noticed that. Haha, also amusing.

Puck, by the way. Might want to adjust the lighting just a titch. Or maybe that’s how they get people in the bar.

Alaska broke my bag just to remind me that, really, one shouldn’t get too comfortable flying, even in 1st class.


Ouch. Ripped it right open. And that’s not a zipper rip. That’s a 100 percent full on torque rip of the fabric. They promised me “substantial miles” as a payback but then decided not so much. I had to call. Then they said they’d give me 125 bucks. Oh ok. I wanted miles. But I really wanted my bag in one piece. RIP (get it?) bag.

I don’t have my money yet either. Gosh Alaska, don’t make me regret my love for you.

Lois and I did the Downton Abby Tea the day before I left. And I have to say, it was spectacular.


This was for Marcia’s mom--


Grampa Ainslie’s sister’s good silver.




We outdid ourselves.

We finally painted the downstairs bedrooms—and the upstairs too.



Boring neutrals but looks so much better.

Upstairs-not quite done yet. Dave ran out of steam and says he needs help moving furniture. What?


Abby loves it.


It’s really so much brighter than the red. And nicer paint. Looking to pull the laminate out from the kitchen through the living room and to the hall way. We’ll see.

Shannon (coworker) had her baby so Shari and I went to the hospital and held him.



DSC01112 (2)

He is pretty cute.

When I got home from Seattle my wild flower garden had started to bloom. It’s really going now and I’ll have some landscape pics next time.


I’m home till October when I go back to Seattle then to Carlsbad to visit Cody. In that time we will have all boys here for Labor day. And we will have Ilan’s wedding, and there is a race or two, and some knitting and sewing etc etc.

Looking forward to it.


I-5 not wanting me to leave. Not. One. Bit.


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