Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Selfies Gone Wrong

Not lots going on. I’ve actually been home for the month and working and just passing the time.

I am working hard on my Paradise In Bloom and am working on another quilt for the shop AND participating in a Ravelry swap so I have to get busy for that.

We are leaving for Seattle on the 9th and yay for Laura who will be overseeing the cats. And the bird.

Blane and Melanie were down over the 3 day weekend and not one picture. I can put in an old one from last March--IMG_2970  That’s a rerun.

Blane got a promotion at work and Melanie is doing so well in school-she’s like phi theta kappa! They are both doing super great. Not sure they love Grand Forks but Grand Forks has been pretty good to them. They are off to Florida for Melanie to go to a convention or something in June.

Cody has rented an apt in Carlsbad-

Image result for flower field apts in carlsbad ca

and should be there in another month or so. I made sure there’s room for his mother. Can’t wait to visit.

I ran the Med City 1/2 Marathon. It was a great race. It’s too bad I can’t run all races and feel good. But this one worked out well. Finished in 2:04 so I like that.


At the start. Dave can really take a bad picture of me. I mean, not that I take great pictures but Dave has a knack for a bad one like no other.

It started raining about mile 10ish so when I finished the steady rain had started. Which was too bad because the after party was all sorts of awesome. There was a band—Pop Rocks—and they were pretty good. I love a good dance band. And, bestly, there was free beer. Dave got an unlimited beer wrist band for 10 bucks—TEN. BUCKS. Only in the midwest.

So we partook in the festivities.

IMG_1244 I run for beer

Sadly, the rain kept falling and I was getting cold so we left. I am hoping that next year it’s cool but sunny so the race is nice and the after party lasts longer and attendance is better.

I took a couple pics of my house for a coworker the other day--


Where I live. I put mulch down though so the beds look better AND with all the rain it’s looking pretty green.

See? Not much happening. Dinner next week with the girls so maybe, just maybe, I’ll get a good picture. Had a wine evening with Cathy which was awesome and am planning the Ragnar in July with Tiff.

The funniest thing that happened though, was the selfie Dave and I attempted at the race--

I said-Dave, let’s get a selfie

Dave said—Oh, ok.

Then this happened.


Me-…the hell?

Dave-My head is huuuge.

Me—Did I just photoshop you-that doesn’t even look real.

Dave-I don’t even know how I can physically hold that up it’s so unnaturally large.

Then I couldn’t even stop laughing but I decided we had to correct that right now.


Normal heads but painful laughter.

This is what amuses us.

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