Monday, June 22, 2015

Let’s Go To Seattle….

The second week of June we went to Seattle/Tacoma and various points in between and all over.

But before I left I ran the 10 miler at Chester Woods. Yep. I decided to run 10 miles two weeks after the Med City and a week before the Rock n Roll in Seattle. Because I’m so awesome, that’s why.

It was really a perfect day for a race through the woods, and I took 10 minutes off my time and felt great. Yay.


DSC01034 Ugh-I actually feel good but I guess the picture doesn’t quite reflect that…..

Then, three days later we were off to Seattle for a fun filled week.

The original plan was to take Grampa to the coast for a few days. That changed because he got sick in April and wasn’t really up for big travel. Although actually he probably was. Still, just in case we cancelled that trip and we ended up staying at Debbie’s house on Hartstine.



I went to Portland on Wednesday with sisters and Grampa. While I was gone Dave stayed back on the island and went kayaking and walking. He saw whales, otters, and all manner of wild life.  (I saw some whales briefly but was unable to get a picture)

He was so lucky.

We had a little visit to the Riverside Graveyard and visited with Mother’s people….

IMG_3228 IMG_3229

Then out to lunch at Beaches in Vancouver

It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed it a lot.

Thursday we got up early and walked



We went back to Tacoma and took Grampa to the doctor. He had a good check up. Before we left Shelton, though, we did stop at Fancy Image, my fave yarn store, to get a swap gift and look at the lovely dyed yarn colors. We  got some delicious coffee in Shelton too. We also stopped at Nordstrom in Tacoma cause I had a gift card AND a note. I had bought some pants there last trip and then brought them all the way back to get hemmed up. I am still kind of trying to make sense of that

And on Friday it was up to Seattle to get our packets for Rock n Roll, then to Pike Place to look around and pick up a little present for Laura (who again watched the cats—thank you Laura!). It was crowded as usual for the summer rush. We walked up through town and on the way back I found a yarn store! Who knew? We got back and checked into the DoubleTree Hilton by the airport. Note to self-staying by the airport is so much easier when traveling.

We then left to go to a company party at Cheney Stadium—the Honkers game. It’s 24 miles and 27 minutes to get there. It took us over an hour. What I was thinking when we took off on a Friday afternoon to drive to Tacoma I’m not sure. It must have been exhaustion starting to set in because apparently I had lost my mind thinking that was going to be a smooth trip down the 5.  Fortunately, it was one of the best company parties ever. Free beer and food—can’t go wrong. There was even some cake involved. There couldn’t be a better party. We left early and decided to go to the hotel bar and enjoy a last beer before the race. We were pleasantly surprised to find out  that there was a very large Dr. Who convention happening. Very. Large. With costumes. Anglicon. Wow. I wanted to take lots of pictures but wasn’t sure if it would be rude to start snapping random shots of complete strangers in Dr. Who garb.

Saturday we had a big day at the Rock n Roll. We had VIP tickets and I will never go back to just hanging with the crowd beforehand. We had our own delicious food, tents, heaters, portapotties, unlimited beer and champagne. It was great. Before and After the race.

Our food tents


Our views


This is where the band played.


And this is some of what we saw while we were running and walking.

Halfway selfie--


Seattle Skyline


Safeco and Century Link Fields



Beautiful sunny day—perfect for our race. We finished in 3 hours even. Dave ran over half the race. I was very impressed. My sister and Tom were there too and they finished after us. It was really enjoyable.

We met up with Dave’s son Justin and his now fiance Katie for lunch at the Space Needle.

Space Needle

I love the Space Needle. Over priced but I’m such a tourist I don’t even care.

Sunday was Justin’s graduation from the Information School at UW. He got a Master of Library and Information Science.

Let’s drive to Seattle shall we??

image4 Yes, that’s miles of cars.

We got there though because we did the “leave two hours early” rule.

Justin graduated and won a prize from the faculty too. So that was nice.


We went out to Anthony’s in Ballard for dinner which was sooo good. We stopped in the bar first. Cause why not?



And after all was said and done, on Monday we packed up and came back home.

And although it was a fun trip, it was busy and  stressful so this past week I have been just trying to mentally catch up.

I think I am almost there.

This helped--

DSC01047  My swap package arrived with good presents for me. Yay.

And I walked Abby so that was good too.

DSC01045 Abby staring, not walking.

Getting ready to go back to Seattle in July and run Ragnar (and work a little too). It should be an easier trip I think, even though there’s a 36 or so hour race involved.

I’m actually pretty hyped for that.

Hopefully I’ll be able to stop and smell the flowers--


Or collapse into them. Keep moving….


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