Monday, June 23, 2014

So Much Has Happened

I looked over my pictures and although I thought I was pretty well caught up I’m afraid that I still have a lot to tell. (This is kind of long, so you might want to go to the bathroom before you get started here, just saying)

For example, Grampa and I went gravespotting again.

First we went to the Multnomah Club to have delicious lunch, and to hand off the medals from Grampa Ainslie to the archivist, George Vogt.

Seems Grampa Ainslie was quite the handball player and his team won some world championship, and he won first place in singles.


Then we went back to the cemetery to discuss future residence there.

 IMG_2344 IMG_2346

This is George Ainslie, Grampa Ainslie’s dad.

IMG_2351 IMG_2352

This is Ward Stevens. No idea. But he was born a long time ago in 1840. He’s a neighbor up there.


Nina asked me to make her some purses for Rosie’s friends for graduation presents so I made these


Aren’t they cute, and they each have their little babies with them.


Zippers and all.

Rosie graduated on the 13th.


Yay. Here’s photographic proof of diploma receipt-



I had a race the following day-the Sound to Narrows-

I took second place in my age group and I was VERY surprised.

 2014-06-22 21_46_25-ChronoTrack Live __ Roman Meal Sound to Narrows

I know, right?


This kid beat me. Seriously. 


Illegal parking at race.

I flaunt the law.


I didn’t stay to get my prize on account of I was sort of parked illegally. I worried about fires in the neighborhood and my car being the reason why they couldn’t be extinguished and spread throughout the municipality of the greater Tacoma area.

Not really. I had to go because Martha and I had to go to get our Yarn Crawl prizes and buy more yarn at Fancy Images Yarn. (We bought more yarn). (No one cares about fire when yarn’s at stake)

We also had lunch with Debbie AND went to a fabric store. I have no pictures though.

I looked at flowers last week, and stood this guy up. He’d been lying down all winter.


Is that St. Francis of Assisi? Maybe. Or not.



Father’s Day was in there and we went up to Edmonds. Supposed to take 58 minutes to go 50 miles. But it took us about, oh, twice that.

Why? Because Seattle. Doing time on I-5---no bail, no parole.

And this is the only picture. Jeesh. Don’t judge, I just spent a LOT of time on the I-5.


I was down at Chamber’s Bay last week or so-nice clouds.


They gave me a cake last week because it was my last week in the office before the leaving to go to MN.

I told them-You know I’m not actually quitting-right? Seemed a little like a permanent good-bye. AND I am stopping by tomorrow (Monday 6/23) to pick up the name plate I forgot. I almost feel like I should sneak in so they don’t have to say good bye again. Jeesh.


My mug?

I finished a quilt too-Hard to see under all that dog…


Finally, Saturday was the Rock n Roll, Seattle. Yay for us.

We walked. It was a big crowd-I think around 18,000.

Plus us-make that 18,005

It was a beautiful morning to go


And check out the traffic….


Here we are

Me, Tom, Martha, Julie and Dave. Not my Dave. He didn’t make it. Don’t even ask.


The bomb dog was there too.


Pre Race Selfies

IMG_0630 - Copy

The course was fabulous-I took so many pictures that to display  them would be like one of those bad vacation reels.

So highlights only-

Rainier Avenue


Giant Guy at the half way point.


Elvis, bam, right there. With a megaphone.


Lake Washington


Seattle Skyline


Coming over the top-Sodo-where the magic happens.




And finish


Yay for us!


So, next week is the big move. Big move. Laura arrives on Tuesday so hold on to your hair. (As my sister said last week when we sped up to 30 on the hiway)

No good can come from my blog muse and I locked up in a car for 2.64 days. Or….can it?

Blog Muse-Machu Pichu

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