Monday, June 9, 2014

Moving, part…..I lost count

So, for some of us this is the third move in a little over a year. Yep.

But done we are. We have vowed never to move again. Unless something happens in which we have to move. Like death.

So here’s how this move went down.

First Dave was living in a rental which I thought we were going to be living in for a while until we sold the house in Tacoma in one day and Dave couldn’t stand the rental any more. It was a little hoodish for Dave. I think fist bumping the neighbor put him over the edge.

But no matter, because just then we bought another house up in the Manor Park area of Rochester-minutes away from my besties, and we closed on May 30th.

Because, for some reason, my non presence was an issue at this signing, I flew back for the fun.

I got in and shuttled down to Rochester from Minneapolis on May 29th. Laura picked me up. She was waving a Melde sign from her vehicle, just like the real drivers. I felt like a rock star only I started laughing, thereby blowing my whole “well, would you expect anything less?” demeanor. But it was pretty hilarious.

Do you see why she’s my blog muse???

We got a key from Dave and then drove around a bit to find the rental I had never been to. And in the moments of driving around with neither of us giving direction but both us us assuming the other person knew what they were doing, we came to the realization that our cross country drive at the end of the month might take a wee bit longer than planned. Which is why God invented Garmin. And Apple phones, and maps. But God never took into account the Laura/Sarah effect of thinking we know better than any of these things.

That should be an interesting blog post.

Anyway, we made it to the rental and then we went to a fabulous good by party for Angie, who is leaving the county and moving on to a job with Mayo. Yay for her.




We met up with Nancy Pick-who was waiting for us (we were early and the first ones there-the above pictures are about 4 beers later)


There we are, Nancy, Laura and me. Yay. The Gruesome Threesome.

However, the addition of Dave makes it much more gruesome. (It’s ok, he never reads my blog. Really. He gets mad when I say I’m going to post something about him, but he doesn’t read it)


I saw other friends I haven’t seen in a while-



Kim B


And all the other people sitting around. Weather was great, evening super enjoyable. Loved it all.

I am posting lots of pictures of people at the party because after that, well, not so much.

We spent that night at the rental, took a few selfies, and then movers came the next AM.


This is the least craziest of them all. We are tired. But the bird looks good.

Jack was up early looking for trouble-AND up in the sink looking for some water to splash on the floor. Or somewhere. Thanks Laura.


I spent less than 24 hours in the rental. It wasn’t a bad rental. Smallish but not bad. Not great. Not bad. Oh wait. There was no A/C. That part was bad.

Movers came, movers left. Laura came and helped. The cats locked themselves in the bathroom. Well, we locked them in the bathroom first, then, in a fit of rage, they tried to break the door down (it was loud, I thought the movers were down there and they hadn’t even arrived yet). When that didn’t work they pulled out the drawer in the vanity and effectively locked themselves in. We could only open the door a few inches until it hit the drawer. Although it was a clever ploy, I’m not sure it was the effect they intended.

I did not take a picture of anything during that long day. Oh, and the other thing we did was go and buy the new house. Yeah, that happened.

I didn’t take a picture of Laura helping us, nor a picture of Cathy bringing us dinner. I was truly at the end of the line.

Because the next day the movers came back and drove us crazy, broke our shit, banged into the walls, and got grease on the carpet. For that they tried to charge us 500 over the estimate. Ha! We already had the furniture so what are they going to do-take it back?


Go ahead, pack this back up. See if we care. (We successfully negotiated 1/2 of that back. And when I say we I mean Dave. I was pretty salty about the whole deal so maybe it was better he just accepted that 50% and let it go).

I have to say, when all was said and done I was so happy to have a great new house that I really really like. But the price one pays to get there-mind numbing.

We will never move again. I can’t say that enough.

Some crappy pictures I took of the house. What can I say? It’s hard to capture the ambiance. Unless you are into the moving carton style of decor. It lies somewhere between modern classic and retro hoarding.




  IMG_2319 IMG_2323


If this were a better picture, you could see that if you follow the sidewalk to the end, and look between the trees-that would be the Mayo clinic. Yep, the World Famous Mayo Clinic-WFMC. Or what I like to call the WTF Mayo Clinic. But they’ve been so very good to us I’ll have to tone down the sarcasm.

The pets are adjusting-except for Beta, which is a whole other story. And not a good one either. Let’s just say our downstairs carpet is screaming for mercy.

IMG_2313 IMG_2315 IMG_2320

See how few there are left? Beta needs a new dog because he is having a hard time adjusting to being himself. We just figured out that he doesn’t know how to ask to go out. Because he never had to. Which is a problem. But that’s for another blog. This is the moving blog.

We have a little room under the stairs with a mirror in it. No reason, just because. I had to squat to get in there. Jack feels really big. The power of being big is almost overwhelming. His body is feels big, unfortunately, his brain isn’t following suit.


Did I mention Dave was along for the move too? Not the most flattering picture but I think it captures the ambiance. (ok, the more I look at this picture the worse it gets and the harder I laugh-I mean, whoa)


And soon after this I packed up, got in the car, and came back to Tacoma. I lost my parking ticket in may wallet, and sat next to a one year old riding on a lap. I was due for a bad flight so I got it in spades. Even the flight attendants were extra nice to me when I was walking out. They said “Bye Bye” with real sympathy.

IMG_2330 The plane of doom.

And now I’m here, counting the days till I get back home.


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