Thursday, November 14, 2013

Please Stop Talking

I don’t feel like I have much to say right now.

I’d like to talk about my itchy stress rash, but really? TMI. Anyone listen to This American Life last week-because they were speaking to me. It was called “The Seven Things You’re Not Supposed to Talk About”. The host of the show, Sarah Koenig, lived by this set of rules imposed by her mother. And when her mother was talking about said rules, it started like this:

Don’t talk about your health. Nobody Cares.

Don’t talk about your period. Nobody Cares.

Don’t talk about your dreams. Nobody Cares.

It wasn’t so much about the topics, but the fact she repeatedly said “Nobody Cares”. Because, as everyone knows who’s been with me for more than 10 minutes, “Nobody Cares” is my favorite saying, seconded only by “I’ve lost interest”

But, if you do choose to talk to me about those topics (and by dreams she meant sleeping dreams, not life dreams-however, you may want to consider not bringing that up to me either) I will likely be thinking “Nobody Cares” and will probably say "I’ve lost interest” after a polite amount of time, say, 3 minutes.

I finished and sent off a quilt last week-



This is the back-


I think it might be a little shiny and maybe not the exact match, but the fabric and pattern are about 8 years old. Hard to match that anymore.

We got a load of wood and built the first fire.


And we built a second fire too. It got pretty hot in our little living room.

Tried to get Jack’s reaction to fire but again got photo bombed by Beta’s big face.


But when I went to take a picture of Beta because he wouldn’t leave me alone, well, I guess he doesn’t care either. Plus he hates to be photo’d from his eyeless side. Or perhaps he couldn’t see me taking his picture. Just a thought.

IMG_1925 - Copy

Oh, and we got our pictures from the Gala a few weeks ago-


Seriously, could I look any dumpier. Nice sweater effect. What’s up with the leg pose? God. Maybe I could crop?

Gala - Copy

Giant faces anyone? Sigh, I look shell shocked. No comment about Dave (because I wasn’t really looking or thinking about him in the picture)

And now? I’ve lost interest.

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