Monday, November 18, 2013

Actual Conversation between Dave and Me

Actually, there are two conversations. Which is why we should take separate cars when we go anywhere.

Driving to Mt. Si last weekend.

Me: Look, the John Wayne Trail.

Dave: Wow. I did NOT see that coming.

Wha..where….Do you expect to see the John Wayne trail in the mountain passes of Washington? What kind of answer is that? Not as good as this one.

Me: Look at the houses for sale out here in the woods. I would love to retire out here. But then you’d be sort of isolated and it would always be a drive to get anywhere.

Dave: Yeah, like when you had to get to a Dr. appointment, you’d have to get someone to take you. That’s why I am getting a condo at the hospital. I’ll just walk to my appointments.

And he didn’t even formulate that answer. It just came right out. Like maybe he’d already thought it through…a lot.

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