Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sometimes Tacoma just Ticks Me Off.

Yeah. It does. Because it’s the city and I haven’t lived in the city in such a while that I got a little cocky about it.

So cocky, in fact, that I left a bag on the seat of my car while I went to early morning Yoga and when I got out my bag was gone that this is what was left of my window.


See it? There was a little left on the other side too-


The rest was on the floor-


and in my purse, and in my seat belt clicker rendering it useless  for buckling on the way back home. (I got the stray piece out with some tweezers).

Yes, my purse remained untouched even though it was inches from the stolen bag, which had my lunch, a good pair of jeans, shirt, knitted socks, nice earrings, and a really good umbrella. I hope the stupid thief enjoyed the thrill. I enjoyed the stress and the 250 dollar price tag of replacing the window. Which, fortunately, was done by Speedy glass in an hour. Yep. Because obviously in Tacoma they get lots of practice. I guess they get lots of practice in Seattle too, from what I hear.

So now I feel a little nervous about what I used to do-like running early in the AM. But I can’t really let it bother me. I run on well lit streets AND there are lots of other runners and walkers at 5:30 AM. Still. I think I’ll start carrying my phone……

In other news, I went to a Christmas Craft Fair a week or so ago and picked up some beer for the dogs. Because nothing says crazy pet owner caring like buying fake beer for your dog.


Yeah. I know.

And on the knitting front the Knit Swirl is coming along. It’s a LOT of knitting for sure.


And I have some socks that won’t knit themselves. And a quilt top that’s almost done. I may have a smart machine but it doesn’t have opposable thumbs to do the job without me. I worked on that this morning during the Sunday AM football games.

And now-off to watch some evening Packer football and get back down to knitting. Which I was doing during the afternoon football games. Ya gotta love all the football all the time on Direct TV.

Fan love…..

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