Monday, October 21, 2013

Galas and Cakes

For someone that doesn’t get out much, last week I got out.

It was Case Manager week last week. Yep. Went by and no one even noticed. That’s really ok. I was busy anyway.

Our group had a little soiree at the yacht club, put on by one of our larger partners in the provider world.

But first we had lunch at Anthony’s-


This is the gray day view of the water. And of the Vashon Island Ferry-right up close and personal.


It’s called the Chetzemoka-I know. I wondered too so I looked it up and the MV Chetzemoka is named after a Klallam chief, influential back in the day in the settlement of Port Townsend. Who knew? Obviously not me.

We wound our way over to the Yacht Club-I KNOW it!


Kind of pretty Point Defiance View with the leaves and all.

This is Vashon Island out there in the middle of the water-hence the island designation. Just saying.


We had our picture taken out here with the ferry in the background…


Our Case Management Group-over 50 years of CM experience!

On Saturday I went to a Gala in Longview. A GALA!! To benefit the Columbia Theatre. My cousin David is on the board so I picked up Grampa and Carol and off we went.



David bought a cake for a good sum, the most expensive cake I have ever eaten. AND-again I didn’t take a picture of it-even though it was sitting right in front of me! Before it was cut up and I had a slice about as big as my head. Good thing I was wearing expandable clothing.

There was some interesting entertainment.


Here’s Frank Sinatra and I’m pretty sure a female impersonator. Pretty sure.


These “gals” are up from Portland where they perform somewhere-but now I can’t remember where. I tried to Google but not sure I have the right places and would not like to be mistaken. Seriously.

A good time was had by all, I must say.

On to Halloween-It’s coming right up!


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