Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nordstrom and the Mountain

It’s been a busy week here in the great NW. The weather has been fabulous, by the way. 70’s-80’s. Dry. Perfect.

And we’ve spent a lot of time outside in it.

But in order to be outside in it, you have to dress for it.

So, on Thursday last, (a week ago today) my sisters and I took a little trip to the pre-anniversary sale at Nordstrom-personal shopper and all.

Debbie was a little overwhelmed at first-


I mean, seriously cute clothes-and a lot of them.

We tried on many of the same outfits-


We didn’t buy the sweaters-too hot and acrylic feeling.


Same shirts, different colors. I don’t think either shirt was purchased.

However, we all bought those boyfriend jeans we have on, and we all purchased  three identical sweaters in different colors. We plan a sister identical dress up day very soon.

Friday Dave and I went to see Paula Poundstone at the Pantages.

DSC00277  DSC00275 DSC00276 

It’s a beautiful theater. This was our view-


And this was Paula.


She is so smart and funny-and she can play the audience is like no other.

And of course, our new thing, the requisite selfie


OK, it’s still new to us and I am not yet proficient- but at least this one is a little further out than the last.

Of course, sometimes it takes a couple of tries….


Moving on.

Saturday was another big day-

Got up early and picked up the G-pa and Carol, and off we went to Mount Saint Helens.

I haven’t been up there since she blew. Well, you couldn’t get up there right away, but it’s been since before 1980 that I have been this close.

The day was beautiful and so were the views.

 IMG_1685  IMG_1698 IMG_1708


That’s Mount Rainier peeking out behind the hill.


You might have to click to make this next picture bigger, but if you look closely in the middle of the crater, that mountain is still smokin’.


And of course, all of us-

IMG_1714 IMG_1689 IMG_1693 IMG_1711 IMG_1712

Yep, there we are. At the mountain at the Johnson observatory (click the wiki link). I think it’s named for Dave Johnson, who died while observing the mountain.

Anyway, it was a glorious day.

Topped off by the best lunch ever at Patty’s Place, Mile 19, with a view of the Toutle.



Everyone had a good time, and we topped it off with another selfie-to demonstrate how it’s done-


OK, not the best and that lady in the background-total photo bomb.

We wouldn’t be forced to take so many selfies if we had any friends at all that would take our pictures. But sadly we don’t. So it’s up to us.

Our hydrangeas are looking well outside the bedroom window-better than my St. Charles flowers looked.

IMG_1661 IMG_1662

And inside the bedroom, well…..


Yep-it was a glorious week all in all. And this weekend holds more promise-stay tuned-

And try to pay attention. 


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