Friday, October 19, 2012

The Long and Very Short of It

I was going to apologize for the delay (again) in posting but I thought-hey-it’s my blog for crying out loud. I guess I do have the option of when to post. But because of my schedule, and never getting home much before 7 anymore and NEVER eating before 8, it’s been a wee bit hectic.

But, here I am, at 0530, posting a little bit to get something, anything, on the boards.

The first thing is that I was in Olympia for two weeks, as I mentioned in the last blogging. I only stayed down there for one week as the drive to Hartstene Island is murder. But what I didn’t mention is that my first day at the job, I wore this on my feet-


Does anyone see a problem here? Not only that, but I didn’t realize it until about 1:30 in the afternoon. Jeesh. No one said anything. I wonder if they noticed. I would have been happier if they would have said anything because I will always wonder if they were just being nice and laughing at me later, or they didn’t notice either. Sometimes things are just too much.

I really didn’t have too many pictures or much news this time, except that my mother is getting much better and my dad and I have both voiced grievances at the nursing home where she is at. They must be doing something right because she is improving…, I think what is happening is that there is a lot going on, she is active everyday, and they are regulating her medications better. Otherwise, not sure I would board my dog there. But after raising my voice last night, they were oh so attentive. Yesterday wasn’t that great of a day.

But it was great at lunch when I took a nice sunny walk and decided to take some pictures so at least I’d have something besides non matching shoes…..

My noon walk through the woods next door.

  IMG_1114 IMG_1116 IMG_1103 IMG_1105 IMG_1106 IMG_1107

I spotted a little cairn I thought was kind of cute.



Anyway, this weekend is a knitting event  with Martha and friends, and next weekend is a shop hop that is going to take all weekend but Debbie and I are up for the challenge (although I don’t think there will be any ditch hopping this time….which is disturbingly disappointing)

So, there will be more news in the next few weeks. Until then, I am going great guns here in the Pacific Northwest. Up to my usual tricks and barely keeping under the radar. Barely.


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Julie said...

I love the cairn!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!