Tuesday, April 10, 2012

There’s Better Blogging in the Future

Really, there is. This week was very very slow. Except for this happening right outside our window.


I mean, who are those guys? When I first spotted them they were walking on their knees. Truly. It’s always a treat to see guerillas strolling along on their knees behind your office.

And then on Friday, at the spur of the moment, we did this-

Cathy and Sarah

Cathy and I decided to go to the Mall Of America. She had errands, I had Nordstrom notes and the rest is history. We stopped and had delicious sushi. And I mean delicious. It was the most fun I’ve had in a while, I must admit. It really perked up the week.

This weekend Barb and I are doing a repeat of last year known as the Textile Center Garage Sale. Here’s last year-

Waiting in line


The sale


It was cold, windy, and working on wet last year. This year I thought it might be warm and sunny, if 80 degrees in March is any indication. But alas, it has gotten cold again (I mean in the 40-50’s with lows in the upper 20-30’s, or more precisely, normal April weather which feels really cold after 80 degrees in March). So we may be a might chilly sitting in line. And wouldn’t ya know, the Minneapolis Yarn Shop Hop is also next Friday, coincidentally the day Barb and I will be travelling. How fortuitous. So, I suppose we have to leave early and go to some of the shops before the textile center. I am not sure how we will force ourselves-but we will. Somehow.


What was unfortuitous was the fact that I had to pay the IRS 800 bones and then had to put a water pump in my car for 300 more. Jeesh. (Really Toyota? 69000 and a new water pump? And what’s with the blank Zombie stares and one word answers from your front line service staff? The motto at Toyota? Do NOT engage. They could put the Kensington Palace guards to shame)

So to make myself feel better, yesterday I went to the Sprint store and bought this


That’ll teach Toyota and the IRS to mess with me. I have a bad feeling though that my brakes are making noise. And you know what that means?

Brake job=Mac Book. Yep, that oughta show ‘em who’s boss.


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