Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In search of Fiber

Last weekend, my friend Barb and I went in search of Fiber. We had a bead on the shop hop-

Why? Because it was there.

We made it to 5 shops (we veered to the North)

The Yarnery (one of my faves-and where I’ll be meeting Brenda Dayne in May)


Darn Knit Anyway-where I buy 3 Irish Girls (but I didn’t this time)


Part of the deal was the contributions to the food shelf, which we did with our Mac and Cheese offerings (Barb, modeling  the mac at Darn Knit)


Lila and Claudine’s, A Sheepy Yarn Shop,

and Steven B’s (always good for a little craziness, AND some delicious roving)


What better than a chandelier in the yarn shop?

Squee! I almost succumbed to some Signature needles-almost. (I was tempted twice-this was the first temptation)

It was an adventure-well worth the fun.

We grabbed a bite at the Finnish Bistro on Como

Seriously delicious. I mean, really. There’s also a Dunn Bros on site, just in case.

Then off to the Sale.

We met up with Celeste who was so kind as to put us up for the night.

IMG_0222 - Copy

Here’s the real line


Because we are serious about our fiber. And this is just the pre-sale.

I scored some fab wool fabrics, hand woven scarf, undyed wools, knit prints fabric, and a Barbara Walker cable book. Plus some mags. All in all, we had a great haul. Great


Here’s our junk-that would be my giant black bag in the front, with the roving hanging on for dear life. Celeste added to my fiber addiction with some colorful combed tops also. Se-weeeet.

Celeste’s house is a thing of wonder. There are so many different collectables it’s hard to know where to look. I took a few pictures of my favorites (in a non stalking, uncreepy sort of way someone who is staying over might photograph your house….)

 IMG_0225 IMG_0226




And my favorite, the Mongolian man..


I don’t know what he is really, but I’d love to have one in my house. Scare the hell out of Trixie.

The next day, a day of lovely sunshine, we drove south on 35 west and, well, stopped at another yarn shop

Seriously, we couldn’t help ourselves. And I again, almost succumbed to the needles, but held back. Until next time.

Once home, we certainly got a kick out of the back of the car.

IMG_0231 IMG_0232

We were only gone a day. But we had fiber to last for months. Because you should always be prepared. For anything.

BTW-Opening of the new Pine Needles in Rochester tomorrow. Gads. Am off to Mentally Prepare. I won’t get caught off guard this time.

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