Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thank you for your patience

So sorry about the late (and soon to be short) blog posting.

Last week was my birthday, on the 5th. Just so everyone is straight on that. I also worked last Saturday and then again Monday so I could go to Bernina training in Racine on Tuesday. Really. All that happened.

The outcome of it was no blog. Oh, I got paid yesterday and you know I had to pay the man. Or men in my case. There are a LOT of men I seem to pay.

So that’s the list of excuses. But please join me for the celebration.



This is my delicious Daube’s cake. Yummmm, cake.

Then it was time for presents. Dave got me a new camera-yes a new camera to replace the crap camera-I put my glasses on to look at the accessories.

 DSC02089 DSC02093


It’s quite the piece of equipment.


I got more presents from my sisters (that purple box is part of a present) but those pictures are trapped in the new camera that can’t be tapped into until I load up the software. Oh Jeesh.

Stay tuned-film at 11.

Happy Birthday to me.

And, as my wonderful supervisor Corrine said just the other day, when defining the meaning of Narcissism-

Really, that’s enough about me-what about you?                                                                    

What do you think of me?

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