Monday, March 12, 2012

I’m such an Amateur

Whoa. So I thought that Grampa’s office purge was a big deal. But sadly, amateurish. This weekend I was in Minneapolis staying with my friend Jill, and across the street was the grandaddy of all purges-


I mean, seriously. Check that out-there’s a ladder going up the side to get more stuff in that monstrous dumpster. It’s like they put that ladder and SUV right next to the dumpster for scale-just for me.


Well played, purgers, well played.

May I also say the weather was just FAB. We were working inside on some sewing projects

IMG_0079 IMG_0078

see? All set up. And even though we took a little trip to the fabric stores, and opened the doors, by afternoon I had to take a little walk. It was over 60 degrees and there were lots of folks in the hood.

IMG_0083 IMG_0084

I went by this lake, and took some pictures of the blue sky-


Jill relaxed with her cat


When I got back to Rochester Sunday, I wanted to go running but unfortunately had packed running clothes for the 30 degree weather that I ran in on Friday. Fortunately, I had a tee shirt so I could at least be cool on top and managed a little over 8 miles. Nothing like running in the sun. But not the hot blazing humidity sun of summer. Not that.

Oh, see how I got down with the new camera? I figured out how to off load the pictures to my external hard drive.

Here’s some of the first pictures I took-




Very cute foldy box with sewing notions. Both presents I have already used


I spent much of the rest of the week goofing with the camera trying to figure it all out-




(Moon over commute)


Happy Birthday to me-again.


(Notice my blog muse is missing-Laura is in Africa-AFRICA!!! She said “I never go anywhere” so she decided to go somewhere with a vengeance! She has been to the lion park and survived with all her body parts-I told her to take lots of picture so I could comandeer them to my blog. She’ll be back in a couple of weeks)


Julie said...

You are really doing well with your camera, Sarah. Great photos! I have had your camera's older sister, the Canon T1i, for about two years and I love it. Enjoy yours!

Carrie said...

Happy, happy birthday!!

And the purgers? OMG.

When I divorced and moved to Austin, I completely simplified life. No more clutter and no more piles of, well...crap.

And that alone helps make life a little less stressful.