Monday, December 12, 2011

Laura has a bun…

Last weekend I went to Minneapolis for the long awaited yarn dyeing weekend with my friend Jill.

Jill had, long ago, ordered up a cone of fingering wt wool, bare and ready to dye.

After some thought, we decided to use a Kool Aide dyeing method. It’s non toxic, easy to do, and makes some nice colors.

I got there on Friday, knitted, watched some TV and made a list of necessities for the next day-things like tape and seran wrap, and, of course, some Kool Aide. Woo Hoo.

We decided on one more important stop-Lila and Claudines to bask in the fibery ambiance. And, I hadn’t seen the expansion, which lived up to it’s hype, and then some.

I bought some sock weight yarn to dye. It was my understanding that to do Kool Aide dyeing the fiber had to be all natural, and my sock yarn had 20% nylon. I was kinda scared.

So we set up. Jill had made some sweet little books for us to document our experimentations, and laminated some instructions.


Oh, I forgot. The other thing we bought was a scale to weigh yarn. We wanted to dye in 100 gm hanks. It was a precise operation.

Jill labeled the glasses for the dye and off we went. Here’s a little pictorial for your viewing pleasure.









See? The yarn really isn’t as shiny as it looks in the picture. It’s just the crap camera, and, well, you know. And, my yarn took up the dye, even with the nylon. Good to know.


I am planning on dyeing the rest of mine very soon.

Thanks to Jill for being the hostess with the mostess-and for making me a scarf that I don’t have a picture of yet. But I will soon, very soon.

Oh yeah, Laura and her bun. That was my teaser to make people stick with the parts that only interested Jill and me.

I figure if people got sick of reading and looking at my dyeing experience and couldn’t get to the Laura part-well, then that’s how rumors get started.

Laura came to the upper eschalon of the 2100 and this is what happened-in real time

Laura-I have a bun.


Laura-Here let me show you (turning around slowly). I can’t make this work.

Sarah-Well, you need to stick a pencil in it. That always makes it work.

Laura-Where’s a pencil?

Sarah-Here, let me get it good and sharp.

Laura-Ah Ha! that works! Let me show you-

Sarah-Sweet. Wait. I must have a photograph.


And, sadly my friends, that is one of the more thoughtful and intelligent of our conversations last week. It was a long week.

But when all was said and done, we did a little reveling, alien style.


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