Saturday, December 17, 2011

Is there such a thing as Blogerism?

Really. I am so over the top with the Blogess again. I swear it. If I could select all, copy her blog, paste it here and call it mine I would so do it.

But I somehow think that breaks at least 6 or 7 laws, or statutes or ticks off the APA nazi’s, or get’s me a ticket from Blogspot. Something.

I have to copy one thing though, because when I saw the commercial for Barbara Walter’s 10 most fascinating people (Baba Wawa) I said the exact same thing. EXACTLY-

“ I don’t like to criticize, but if your list of the ten most fascinating people includes three Kardashians then you’re doing it wrong.”

Absolutely no shit. The best part of the interviews was where Barbara says to the Kardashians “You don’t sing, you don’t dance…, you have no talent”. I will say that Blane likes the Kardashians. In a Friday night hooker sort of way.

We are in the final countdown to Christmas. It seems like I have hardly even seen all the Hallmark/Lifetime movies yet. Although there is an especially bad one playing tonight.

Cody took off for his cruise and called me this AM to tell me he flew the red eye. Literally. He was completely hung over and irritated fellow passengers by getting up to go to the bathroom and disturbing his sleeping seat mates. Then, in his words, making the returning veterans who were sitting around him, who have already suffered the horrors of Afghanistan, suffer through his “heinous gas”. My son is why I hate to fly.

There are a couple of convos (short for conversation, sort of in the same vein as whatev) I have to relate that actually happened in my house.

The first one just happened-JUST HAPPENED!

Dave is changing the channel (incessantly)

Sarah-(listening to bad Christmas movie with Billy Ray Cyrus and even worse child actor who I think played the childhood Shawn in Psych-and my God that was a long intro) What is this? Is this football?

Dave-Yes, this is Thursday night Football on Saturday.

Sarah-Oh, so this game has already been played.

Dave-No, it’s Thursday night football on Saturday.

Sarah-So, the game was played on Thursday and they are showing it on Saturday.

Dave-No, it’s Thursday night football on Saturday.

This is like one of those mirrors that are opposite each other where you see yourself to infinity. (And it was a new football game, being played on Saturday night but being billed as Thursday night football, and no, there is no logical explanation)

The other thing that happened happened a while ago and was so ridiculous it took me a while to even be able to blog it.

Sarah in bed reading a book-Dave picking up a shirt off the bed that we have been moving around on the bed for several days now because neither one of us wants to face the inevitable-

Dave-this is not my shirt.

Sarah-Well then it’s Blane’s, go throw it on his bed

Dave-(insert foot stomp here) I don’t want to-I want to go to bed.

Sarah-Seriously? It’s less than 15 feet away.

Next day red shirt is on dining room table which is 2 feet from the doorway where the shirt could be tossed on the bed. Really? Really Dave?

Now, I know that walking across the house was equated, by Dave, to the Bataan Death March, but I could not get behind that at all.

But, if I were Mrs. William Windsor Duke of Cambridge, I could probably understand and might even sympathize if this sort of thing went on

William-Bugger off-this is not my shirt

Kate-That’s bugger off your highness, thank you very much, and the maid’s valet probably mixed up Harry’s  with yours, so go throw it on his bed.

William-What? Do you have any idea what that entails?

Kate-Seriously Wills, it’s only down the hallway.

See? That’s a convo I could jolly well see as reasonable. Because, those people live here-and it’s a long way down the hall.

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