Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vacation Part 2-Blane’s week

So, after a successful ascent to the Sock Summit, I returned home, to Lakewood, to spend some time vacationing with Blane.

The next day after my return was Saturday, and a trip to Seattle.


We started at the waterfront. The view was fab. And I know it rains all the time in Seattle. It really does, tourists. I just photo shopped these. You don’t need to go there on this mid 70 degree day with a light breeze and views as far as the eye can see. (While the weather is Amazonian heat and humidity where ever you are living). No tourists, you just need to stay home and avoid all the rain you are about to witness.

We saw this too


The Olympics, on the Olympic Peninsula, to the west, between Seattle and the Pacific Ocean (also photo shopped just to make it look good-it was pouring rain)


We admired the cool fountains outside the aquarium. (It was hard to make those people take off their rain coats and pose in summer wear with all that rain falling)


Little Ferry, bit Tour Ship.

We went up to the Market, but for some reason I didn’t take any pictures. Blane did. I wish I had his camera. It was packed with people getting out of all this rain.

We shopped. I bought a new bag and Blane got a hat and some shirts.

I stopped at this store to take some impressive pics for Angie, who loves her a good purse.




Blane was completely mortified that I would enter this store and start taking pictures with my phone. The staff were patient about it, but took me as a tourist and tried to ignore the riff raff coming through. I was about to leave when I saw these-


Oh my. Where is Angie when I need her? These shoes were probably incredibly expensive (if you have to ask you can’t afford them). Actually, I believe they were the Betty platform pump which are relatively cheap at 485, unless you buy the python variation, then it’s around 900. I’ll certainly take these. I’ll bet they feel like butter going on.

Ok, enough of that. We left, returned home, went to Safeway, and rested up.

Sunday Gramma and Grampa took a little valet drive to a fancy party. We were hoping for a stretch limo, but this was pretty good.


I swear.

Monday we ventured to Harstine Island to visit with my sister Debbie and to celebrate Mother’s birthday. Martha was there, and so was Jay.


The Olympics, but a little closer. Again, pouring down rain. What can I say. I have really made my photo shop work. It was in no way in the 70’s, no clouds, light breeze, no humidity. Perfect day for the water. No. No way. It rains all the time. Don’t forget.

Jay took Blane and me down for a walk on the rocky beach.



Blane served cake to mother for lunch.



We sat outside and basked in the day (not really, it was raining)

DSC01187 DSC01183 DSC01185

We saw a helicopter, likely from Joint Base Lewis McChord


And finally posed for some group pictures.DSC01192

DSC01194  DSC01193

What a very very nice day.

We left around 4 or so and drove back over the Narrows Bridge. It was beautiful (even though it was raining).

And at 9 PM, I took Blane to the airport, because his week was over.


He played golf, watched movies, took naps, travelled around from Seattle to Olympia, and then, just like that, was gone again.

Stay tuned for the rest of Sarah’s vacation. (In the rain)

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Thanks for not sharing the little secret about summer in Seattle, Sarah!