Monday, July 11, 2011

Big Bang

So, the crap camera can hardly take a clear picture, but it has a fireworks setting, and it actually took pretty good pictures.

It just seems amazing to me that it can’t take regular pictures in normal light, but can take these.




I thought they were pretty good. It was Fourth of July on our front porch.

On the 5th, my friend Barbara from Ravelry, and her husband, Rowland, came by on their way back from Eugene (Black Sheep) to their home in Western MA.

It was wonderful to see them. We had an action packed day on Wednesday. I had the day off and we started out at the fair.


I saw a couple of spotted goats. Spotted. Weird.



This one is very surprised.

There were sheep and pigs too

DSC01007 DSC01005 

I love the fair.

We then stopped by Pine Needles. I picked up some Minke for one of the babies from last weekend, and a kit to make for Dave’s sister’s new cabin.

(file picture-I didn’t take one last week-but there was a Serger class going one when we were there!)


We stopped at Kristen’s to see what was left over from the moving sale (pretty empty)-

Then up to What in Yarnation in Cannon Falls. I ended up picking up a little yarn project to make a soft kitty for baby, same baby that I am making the quilt for.

Then off to Northfield to the Tavern of Northfield to meet up with Jill and Lorri. Here we are after dinner. Note the yarn gifts that Barbara was giving away to us.


Aren’t we a cute bunch?

It was really a great time.

The next day, I was back to work and Barbara and Rowland were off to the east and north. To upper peninsula of Michigan, over the top and to the other side of the lake.

On the home front, Cody got ready to go back to Henderson. On Friday night, we went out to the fair, again, ate dinner, and on Saturday in the AM, we posed for the group shot before the departure.


Very squinty. So we decided to move it to the shade for a better picture.


A little better. Then we just decided to bag it and pretend like we didn’t even know each other.


Did we succeed?

And off he and Betty went.



I took a last shot of Blane


And went off to face the day.


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