Monday, February 15, 2010

Six Degrees of Separation

I can’t believe I didn’t take one picture last week! Not one. And there must have been things I saw that I thought would make a good picture, but I didn’t take any. I think winter is getting to me. This is the first year that winter started to feel really really long. And that was in January. Oh-oh. I haven’t run outside for months. I was all talked into going today and here’s what it looks like outside.



This is what it should look like


Yep. Not much motivation today….

I did get quite a few pictures from other people. And some interesting pieces of worthless information. Well, not worthless to me but probably to anyone who isn’t associated with the 2100 (aka Olmsted Co Public Health).

Cowboy hardhat-remember him?-and red hard hat are actually known to us.


Cowboy hard hat is married to someone we work with at an Assisted Living in Rochester, and red hard hat belongs to these people (I’ll bet he even has a name)


I didn’t get a very good picture of him, but this is extremely cute of Lyndsey and Morgan. (And, by the way, when I spell Lyndsey the way she spells it my spell checker says I am spelling it wrong. Um, just sayin’……)

Seriously, I cannot emphasize it enough-that kid just makes me chuckle. I should keep her around work. Could be an idea for a  morale raiser, since they frown upon drinking on the job.


I think this is the smiliest baby ever. Although this is a little disturbing


Cora has also been up to no good this week. They are now teaching her demolition


This is a grampa thing I think. She fell and hit her lip last week and Angie says she was very vocal in expressing her discomfort. Fortunately, she survived without even so much as a fat lip.

New calf at the farm I hear, and Laura says I can name it. It is black and white and I am leaning towards Spot. I think Spot is a grand name for a little cow. But I don’t think proper naming can be done without a picture. 


I am trying to show an example of how Laura looks when I bring up the subject of the calf situation on the farm. Note the blank stare and glassy eyes. This is the expression I get when I ask for a new picture of Twinkles.  And now Spot. Or Spotty since it is still little.  I tell ya, the farm is a calf a minute. Get it? Calf a minute….laugh..a.. min….Oh, never mind.

Was over at Mary K’s last week and she had a picture of the pins in her toes which is so totally blogworthy I am about to offer her money for it. Even I, as a nurse, had a little intake of breath as I looked at it. So why not show the world? And I am still waiting for the camel pictures.

What is with these people and getting pictures out of them? If those toes were a baby Mary would have sent me a dozen pictures already. If Twinkles were a baby Laura would be carrying her around endlessly. Just a thought.

Grampa sent some good pictures from his Bird Cam-

WSBC0213 WSBC0197

However, this is by far my favorite-

WSBC0191 (2)

Squirrel! This fine fellow thought that Grampa put out the food when actually Grampa was just setting up the camera. He is somewhat puzzled by the fact there is no seed up there. Grampa is getting pretty darned proficient in the wildlife photography and I am quite impressed with the quality of picture.

I have been totally sucked in by the Olympics. It is great. Of course, our cable carrier didn’t want to buy the daily coverage so we only get the recaps for hours at night. Which I guess is OK, but I’d like to see it while it happens. The Apollo Ono 1500 was great excitement (please lose the facial hair thingy)

3765523001_9123958336_s  and I was so happy for the Canadians when they won the mogul exhibition ski deal.


And the Nordic race? Did you see that? American’s took Silver at the very last second! Beating Johnny Spillane who was in the lead the whole last lap. I was screaming and Dave was, well, I don’t really know what he was doing but I was jumping all over the place. Holy Cow.

So, next week I’ll try to be more diligent in getting my own pictures since I mostly blogged everyone else’s this week. I’ll get a few pictures of my last finished Great American Aran Afghan blocks. And maybe another finished sock. Maybe…..


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caillie said...

DH taped Apollo's race and we watched it together. I too have been sucked in a bit and was known to stand up and yell as well.

I love the Grandpa cam! Great photos!

Cute wife and baby good to find out about the men in your life. :-)