Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Women Run the Cities

Gosh I am so behind on the blog thing. I have had several (ok 2, but it seems like several) activities in the past two weeks.

Here is number one

Mary and I went to Minneapolis the last weekend in September to do a ten mile race called Women Run the Cities. The website had a slide show of pictures, of which I was in, but I can’t find it now. Oh well. The ones they have to buy are really, really , bad. Anyhow, the race is so fun and all women. I had never done it before because it is the week before the Twin Cities 10 and I usually try to get into that. But the TC10 is a lottery system so sometimes difficult to enter so I decided to try this one.

I am very glad I did.


Here’s a bunch of women at the end of the race. What a nice day it was. In the afternoon, it got cold, rainy, and trees fell down. Really.


This is the finish line. With some goofy looking non racers walking around!

DSC00632-1Here comes Mary-can you see her way out there?

DSC00632You can see her better here, in the yellow.

When you are the blogger, you don’t get many pictures of yourself finishing. Dave is always good for that, but this time he stayed home. Although he did take this amazing picture once…


But that is another story.

While at the run I also saw this



It is a human banana. She was really shakin’ it to the live band when I got there.


And that is about all the pictures I took. I wished I would have been able to bring my camera because the course was really nice, through the park and over bridges.

Maybe next time.

Last weekend was retreat-here’s a preview


and this


And so much more I may have to do two chapters!

By the way-Go Twins!

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