Friday, October 9, 2009

Feinstein is on the brink

So, I was reading Feinstein yesterday and decided to leave a comment. He was talking about a questionable call in the 12th inning of the Tigers/Twins game which I took issue with. Not a big issue, but enough that I took up the Twins side of things. His point was that bad calls are made, but that umps should be accountable and admit to their wrongs. (That is the Readers Digest Condensed version). I said the Twins deserved to win and that there were questionable calls both ways. I realize what his point was, but I thought he could have at least said a couple of nice things about the Twins, since they made a spectacular come back. (That being said, he did say, a few posts back, that it was a great game, I saw that too so I was a little surprised at his comments yesterday)

Holy Cow. Today I went to read his blog and there I was, front and center. Being called a Selective Reader. Yep. My comments got to him. I have to say, and I did say, that I was strangely thrilled at being singled out in his blog (I mean the guy is famous, and I am but a humble Public Health Nurse and occasional sports nut), but not quite in that way.

I also wonder, since I seem to be the only girl who responds to the sometimes rabid comments of the guys, that if I had been one of the guys I would have been making a valid observation.

I think, for now, I’ll just be quiet, read the blog, and keep my opinions to myself.

Or not.


John, on a day he wasn’t so irritated with me.

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