Sunday, May 24, 2009

Graduation Chapter 2

So after our first day we decided that we must shop. And shop we did. We first went out and finished the obligatory graduation present of pen and pencil set. This took much time in which we bought a print for the house. It is very cool but I don’t have a picture-yet.

Then we had to go see the Purl Diva in Brunswick, north of Portland. I drove, as I drove everywhere on this trip and Dave took pictures of the drive


(Have I mentioned how much I love Live Writer? A Microsoft program that actually performs-but I digress)

These are on the way to Brunswick on Hiway 295. There are lots of rocks and boulders around Maine. We like those.

We arrived tout suite at Chez Diva.

DSC00121 DSC00120

Inside we saw this


And of course Ms. Purl, whose real name is Ellen, a name which I must say is excellent.


I don’t remember her dogs name but look how talented she is.

Ellen Diva was happy to sell me some goods for sister Martha’s b-day, which was the week before. I use the excuse of wanting to get something from Maine for not being organized enough to have the present actually on the birthday in question.


Man do I have bad hair. Again. Ellen remembered me as the one from Minnesota whose son is at UNE. She has expanded the shop and is adding a classroom upstairs. I wish I could go there for a class or two or ten.

So we left there and went directly to see Cody at his house on Sand Dollar Haven. Doesn’t that sound like a fun place to live?


This is the inside

This is the fireplace (which they weren’t allowed to use-hmmm, wonder why), Cody in Cody’s bedroom, Cody’s kitchen and me in Cody’s bedroom.

And these are two of the reasons the fireplace was capped


That would be Cody and Bradley. I told them to pretend like they liked each other.


And this is the view out the front window. Isn’t it pretty? But I guess in the winter when the wind blows and the electricity is out for a day and it is really cold the view does not impress. At least that is what I was told. They also showed me a few divots they made in the wooden doors from pellet fights (stand in bedrooms and ricochet pellets off doors and walls and try to hit the opponents, and yet they recouped the damage deposit-go figure) That is looking out at the Biddeford Pool, and beyond this pool is the ocean, but you can’t see it from here.

After this exhausting day we had to return to our hotel so I could go to the “business center” (seriously, that is what it is called, but as you can see it is a computer in a corner by the front desk-unless they did have an actual business center that was hidden from most of the guests). I had to check Facebook, Ravelry, RoseKim, Harlot and my classes. In that order. I tried to check my remote e-mail but couldn’t remember my password. Oh well.


We took Cody out to dinner at the Olive Garden. Nothing like being in Maine and heading out to the closest franchise. We continued our goal to reach 7000 calories per day by eating a huge dinner followed by a trough of ice cream. Even Cody felt the need to go home and have a lie down.

So ends day two. Chapter 3 is next-the actual graduation in which Dave and I learn that we can take the stupidest pictures of everything trivial but when it comes to once in a lifetime events we are complete idiots.

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