Saturday, May 23, 2009

Graduation Chapter 1

This is the first chapter in the graduation saga. There are too many pictures to blog all at once and I don’t have the patience.

So, the story begins with when we left for Minneapolis. We stayed there overnight. Our hotel room had the smallest bathtub ever made. DSC00101DSC00102

I put the hairbrush there so one could see that the sides were very low. Like 12 inches tall. This totally cracked me up.

So after laughing about this for a while, we went to the Mall of America and looked for pens for Cody’s graduation. After rejecting the 700-1000 dollar pens (are you kidding-odds of losing said pen are very high) we decided to buy one somewhere else. We did start the vacation by eating some food court food. Well, I had steamed vegetables and rice, Dave had a Rocket burger, fries, and a shake. And so started our zillion calorie march.

We had a wonderful dinner with my bff Kari. I forgot the camera, the first of many camera blunders, but she snapped this shot of the skyline of Minneapolis from our table. That is when I joined the march and started eating with gusto. We were at Stella’s which you must go to when in Minne(apolis)


The next day we caught the shuttle to the Humphry Terminal-not Lindburgh like some people thought (that would not be me-I always thought it was Humphrey). It was a good thing we had a shuttle or nerves would have been frayed. This is what this terminal looks like at about 4:30 AMDSC00103

And this is what Dave looks like: DSC00104

So off we flew. It was a good flight and we got to Boston on time with a short layover in Milwaukee. Midwest Airlines is much less stressful than Northworst, I have to say. When we got to Logan we waited for a bus to Portland. DSC00108

When it got there, we got on and off we went. Concord Coach line I think it was. It is a great deal. Here is what the bus is like


They even show a movie. Although I suppose some people get sick of it if they take the bus everyday or so. And some people do commute from Portland to Boston. I think the 20 miles to my job is long……

We saw some nice scenery DSC00109

This is actually the skyline of Boston in the distance


This is the highway.

We got to Portland, then drove to Biddeford (15 or so miles south) and we stayed here


This is actually a few days later, it was still grey when we arrived in Biddeford.

We caught up with these two


who brought us a Subway sandwich for dinner. We already went shopping and had plenty of cookies and chocolates so we were set.

Stay tuned for Chapter Two in which we meet the amazing Purl Diva, who remains amazing, and did a couple of other things too.

In case you are wondering, my new laptop is to die for, although I could use a mouse. And I have discovered Windows Live Writer to blog. It takes half the time and I am in heaven. At last, the pictures are where you put them!

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