Monday, September 29, 2008

New Blog

This is my first attempt at blogging. Let's see what happens.

So today, since this is my day, is my day off. Wahoo. I work for the county as a public health nurse. Until last week I was in grad school trying to get an MSN in public health. Until last week.
On Friday I withdrew and I have never felt such relief.

My husband is glad he doesn't have to live with such a witch anymore.

So, instead of having to sit here for hours doing useless busy work, I can quilt and knit and do fun stuff.

I am working on the Great American Afghan for Block of the Month. I am working on finishing a quilt I did for last year's BOTM (do you get the feeling I am a BOTM freak? That and Ravelry swaps). I have other quilts to finish-hand quilting a square in a square. The quilt pictured is a square in a square. I am not sure I like that technique so well. Maybe I should practice it a bit more.

That is my day today-my first blogging day. Pictures and better blogging to follow.

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