Sunday, July 9, 2017

Those Things That Aren’t That Fun but Are Made Fun by Friends.

Have you ever done something that isn’t really that fun but was super fun cause you did it with one of your besties? Yeah. I did that about a month ago.

On Father’s Day weekend Laura, my travel partner and blog muse, and I had a garage sale. Now, Laura is an expert in the field of garage sales but sadly, I am not. So she gave me all sorts of tip—like you gotta have stuff outside cause that draws people in. Good to know. She also had some free stuff available and I advertised fabric. Oh, and the other thing is it’s good to have pictures of your stuff. I took some sort of bad pictures of fabric since that’s really what I wanted to get rid of. I put an ad in the paper and Laura hit the social media sites.  She also did signage.



She’s Hired.

We had a beautiful day as you can see. I had fabric and books and assorted stuff like these sinks--

7764FB42-9EE7-4DCE-8196-741E48F26970    They didn’t sell, btw.

But someone said they’d make great planters which I considered but came to my senses about later.

Laura sold a ton of paint brushes and other supplies. I sold quite a bit of fabric and books and we were surprisingly busy and steady for most of the time we were open—which was 8-1.

A31DC110-0D91-4B30-A462-F87683B0C023 A slow moment.

In the minutes that we were alone we looked at our Ireland books and made profound and witty comments which amused us to no end.

We took a selfie with my camera--


There’s our calculator, some dental floss to have during our garage sale for dental emergencies (as one does), our Ireland books, my phone so I could Google what we needed to know, and our money—which together we made over 200 dollars. Not bad for a morning. But NOW that I know (I know, I know, NOW I know) how to throw a garage sale. I do. AND both of us are already planning our 2nd annual garage sale next June. I’ll have a little more fabric, but way more household goods and clothes and books and kitchen stuff. I’m already storing it up. Oh yes I am.

But the thing is I’m not sure I would have had the fun I had without Laura helping me and then sitting with me and being loud with me and everything else. It’s true.

Oh, and we paid the balance on our Ireland trip so after we spend our Saturday morning together we again apologize in advance to our fellow travellers for having to travel with us. Because surprisingly enough, some people don’t think we are funny. I KNOW—I don’t get it either.

It’s been mostly quiet after that. I am doing my last class at Walden. Yay for me. I have all the applications in for the practicum which starts in November. By Stitches 2018 I’ll be done, done, done. Am I ever glad about that. I’m still recovering over the two classes I took in the spring. I still don’t know how I did that.

Between then and now Ilan and Pam had their baby, Nova, and she’s extremely adorable.


Until she wasn’t


But even when she wasn’t she was still pretty cute. And little. Newborns tend to be that way.

Tiffini showed up for a visit for a couple of weeks and what better way to say hello than to run a relay on the 4th of July! Red White and Boom was completed by 8:30ish in the AM. It was hotter than I expected but I made it and so did Tiff--





Less happy and more sweaty!


I put on a sweatshirt cause I was sweaty and cold but by the time this pic was taken I was getting a bit warm.

The next day the ladies got together and we had a little 40th birthday celebration in Tiff’s honor—She was an hour or so late….


I hadn’t seen some of these folks for quite some time so I really enjoyed the reunion. I also hogged the shade but that’s another story. Next up for me and Tiff?? Ragnar Michigan. Look.Out.

Cody is in the middle of driving to Norfolk with Maral. He’s going back to residency and Maral has a job, I think as a hospital list. Either way, before he left he got a commendation from the Marines and the Navy.

We are so proud!


I only wish he had more hair. Jeepers. That’ll look impressive on his dress uniform.

And that’s what’s new. I have to get to the store to buy appetizers for work tomorrow which is making me incredibly salty AND cutting into my blog time.

There WILL be more later--

Happy says—What? This is my excited/hungry/mad/relaxed face. Guess which one it is now?


Don’t make me bite you.

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