Friday, February 17, 2017

It’s Spring In February


Here in MN it was in the 50’s today. Actually I think it might have been warmer than the west coast. And it was beautifully sunny with a lovely sunset last night.


That sunset is from my new camera and I think it’s the best one yet.

I got a new cybershot which has wifi so I can send pics to my iPhone and then text them round the world. Actually, it would be easier to send them to my computer but I have a Dell with Windows 10 so nuff said.

Anyway, it was sunny and warm and looking to get warmer. So Tuesday I’m leaving for Seattle for one night then off to Stitches in Santa Clara where the weather is going to be in the 50’s and rain. Lovely. I could stay home and have better weather. But I wouldn’t be at Stitches. The best knitting party ever.

I got my hair cut off for the occasion-

IMG_0133Ugh, bad selfie. Really bad selfie. At least I hope it’s a bad selfie and I don’t really look like that.

I also got some new casual wear for the trip—my Filly Flair Addiction…

IMG_0155Whee! Fun stuff.

Angie’s boutique got some fun new rubber boots which I might have totally bought for my Ireland trip but I already got some little boots for that.

IMG_0137Tots adorbs.

Our remodel is almost done. We just need to replace the cracked sink. The stone place that is supposed to do the replacement (for free because they somehow didn’t notice the crack for three weeks-OR they cracked it-either way) is going to call my by Friday to schedule. Which is today. And they didn’t call. So I’ll have to work on that some more next week. Ugh. Remodels. Nothing but trouble. The floors were supposed to be about 90 percent done with just a little work on Saturday. They finished last Monday. I guess that was only a couple of days over schedule, however, our weekend plans to clean up the house and put everything back were dashed. So I guess this weekend will be the big clean up.

IMG_0158At least they untrapped me from my home—cause that’s the way to the garage…the only way to the garage.

Anyway here’s some pictures--


New Kitchen countertops and backsplash-


And new wood floors


OK—you can’t see the floors but you can see Puddy coughing on my new area rug.

She didn’t barf on it though….yet.

Puddy had a bad bad cold this month. So bad that she just laid around for a whole week.

IMG_0162Puddy feeling bad on a hot pad.

She sneezed about 17 times in a row. For several days. She sneezed up some mucus on my computer screen. It was pretty epic.

The only fun she had was watching TV on the computer. Whlie sneezing on it.


Chat actually gave her the cold but she wasn’t nearly as sick as Puddy. And she covered her sneeze.


Oh, and on Superbowl Sunday I taught the 11th Annual Superbowl Mystery Quilt—11 years. Jeepers.


My peeps—they did so good!


They had a LOT to do!


Yes they did. And they did fab.

I don’t have a picture of the quilt. Dang it. I’ll find one though…

Lastly and bestly--

Laura and Mary came by to see the new floors and stuff.

and Mary is a girl after my own heart.


Helloooo! Delicious Daube’s cupcakes. When you see the Daube’s box, as Mary says, it’s as familiar as, say, a Tiffany box, only about twice as priceless.


Aren’t we the most fab??? hahaha. Well we are. Laura and I were our usual loudness. And we talked about Ireland even though we are trying NOT to talk about Ireland.

We just can’t help it.

So that’s what happened so far. Next up—Stitches West 2017. Bring it


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