Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Happy Birthday Laura!!

This week, yesterday to be exact, was Laura’s birthday. My blog muse turned 27.

Twinkles with antlers

To honor her I am putting up a picture of Twinkles with antlers. Because I loved that cow. Although I could get attached to Houdiner.


Of course, this is one of my favorites

DSC00359 - Copy

But here’s  the all time best picture of Laura eva--

PB160029Can’t be topped

Although while looking for that one I found this one.

God that girl cracks me up.


Plans for dinner and Ireland planning this weekend. I’m bringing more Pizza and Cake. Laura suggested some salad for a healthy balance but I quickly pointed out that’s what cake is for. She gets it.

In other news—we travelled to Grand Forks this week end via Oklee MN.

Capture 2


On the road again—outrunning the storms with a dirty windshield.




Chloe rode shotgun



And shedded like mad. I told Laura the inside of our car was like those wind rooms where the money flies around and you have to catch it--

Like this only with more hair and less fun.

We got to Oklee, pop 425, two of those people are my friend Kari and her daughter Evelyn--


(Please ignore my bad hair….)


She is a homecare/hospice nurse and a damn good one. She was the best girl in my wedding—back in the day. I thought I had a scanned picture of us but I can’t find it and have lost the energy to scan another. I’ll keep looking….

It was great to see her and catch up a little. But Chloe kept us moving so we didn’t stay long.

We drove through some great MN sunsets




So when we got to GF I sort of lost the picture mojo. Chloe played all weekend with the big dogs, we grilled out, and went for a walk, but not one picture did I get of any of that.

We also went and watched Blane play softball—that was fun and I got a picture of Blane


There he is at bat. He had a nice RBI.

That’s all, and I was doing so well……

We hit some traffic going home and so for old times sake I got a picture of I-94 trying it’s hardest to live up to I-5


No can do. It was only about 15 minutes and we were moving most of the time.

School starts Monday. It’s been a fab vacay. Finishing up my homework for Vogue Knitting in November. I was supposed to teach a mystery quilt this weekend but it got cancelled so instead it’s a work party, Laura party, beer down with Cathy, and starting classes. Wow. Dave has his fantasy draft so he’ll be all up in the NFL biz. And that’s that. Another day, another dollar, another trip, another birthday.

Make it great!

Blog Muse-Machu Pichu

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