Thursday, May 12, 2016


And springtime means running--

Cathy and I Unleashed the She at the beginning of May. It was a nice day, a bit windy, but not bad. I placed third in my age division.  I always like that. I didn’t stay to get my prize. Maybe someday they’ll give it to me.


I look a little bent over…I’m also wearing my sparkly skirt!

6 days later I ran again, this time it was called Rocking Robin Run, or R3. There was quite a group of us.

R3 Run_thumb[1]

This was a much warmer day—we are all shorted and skirted up. Ann, in the green on the right won first in her age division. We were privileged to be with celebrity! They gave us Bloody Mary’s at the end. I had two. They were a little spicy but they were free and that’s all I need.

There were bands all day but I left around one-ish. It was kinda loud and echo-ey and I couldn’t hear the music very well.

Happy showed up on the 14th. I don’t have any good pics ‘cause he’s elusive, but he is out in the general population now.

This is him riding home in the car—with my goat


He doesn’t look that nervous anymore

I bought that goat for Laura to try to melt her heart of ice about getting a goat. I figured she could start small. However, I had so much fun with goat that I have decided to keep him.

He bought a lottery ticket, scared our waitress in the cities, and had the ride of his life between the cities and home.


Riding proudly on the dash….


Dodging raindrops with his giant rain hat


Admiring his total awesomeness as a goat. You can’t beat that.

Goat is now mine.

Anyway, back to Happy. Puddy  has chased him and threatened him to within an inch of his life. He only outweighs her by about 12 pounds. I’m hoping for a little retaliation but so far nothing. He is sort of friends with Jack though.

Otherwise I just work and come home. Soon we are off to San Diego for some running. That should be fun for sure. School is over for this quarter. I am really happy about that. Hopefully I’ll keep the A’s going, but this class was challenging.

I’ll try to take a better picture of Happy. Till then…..


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