Friday, March 11, 2016

One Job Down and…Stitches West 2016

I made it out to Tacoma the 3rd week in February to take my equipment back to work and finish out my final two days. (The Monday I was there was a holiday…yay me).

I spent Saturday and Sunday watching Hallmark movies with Nina, drinking wine and wrapped up with the cat. Did a bit of knitting too but mostly I just supervised Nina’s puzzle work and critiqued the movies.

IMG_1758Cat sitting on my lap-He didn’t like the fact I had to get up several times to refill the wine glass.

I met up with a coworker who isn’t really working there anymore and her baby--




that is one cute baby. And he was sooo good while we had lunch. At the bagel place in Lakewood by the old apartment. Sigh.

We also had a group dinner which I didn’t get one picture of. WTH? I’m so slipping as a blogger, but my mind is really elsewhere.

(I am posting this well into March and just finishing my 3rd week of the new job. Today I thought I was on the 6th floor when I was on the 4th floor and took the elevator down to get to the 5th floor. THEN, coming back, the guy in the elevator pushed 3, I pushed 5, and I got off with him on 3. So, it’s sort of the accumulation of two months of going crazy. I think I’ve peaked though)

Anyway—the bottom line is I left NPN and on Thursday really, really early I went to the airport, met up with Martha and our adopted sister Julie, and flew to California to go to Stitches.

Of course, as soon as I arrived the weather took a turn for the colder. Because where ever I go the temperature drops a good 15 degrees below normal. So in Santa Clara this year we had 40-50 degree weather and rain…..Except for one sunny day over Levi Stadium


We were very tired after a day of flying, teacher lunch, AND a class. But being the fearless knitters that we are we managed a spin around the market….


I saw this at the market too--


It was a blast. Classes were great, we had fun, we took a walk….



IMG_1764Foggy selfie

We also ate some delicious pizza AND had some delicious wine----

IMG_1761For Martha, the Middle Sister

We went to the fashion show and I saw this shawl on a model


I was super good on the shopping front until then--

Well that was over---

Bought the book and the yarn….

Our fun group at the fashion show where I saw the beautiful shawl!!!


Really good seats…..


The head of Stitches…..Benjamin Levisay—yay for him for sure.


The whole trip was great fun—except for this on the return flight from Seattle--



Can you see that herd of about 150 people between me and the far wall all wanting to get through Security? Exactly the the reason I am a two hour before flight time person.

I made my flight. The girls on their way to Mexico?? Not so much..

During the whole trip on 4 planes not one precheck. So in April I’ll be buying the TSA Precheck ticket good for 5 years…And then I won’t be travelling nearly as much. But when I do—none of this for me.

So, I’m back and living AND working in my own town and I love that. Started back to school and working through spring.

I do miss my little dog though, and I found a picture that made me happy and sad all at the same time--


Stay tuned for birthday updates……


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Julie said...

We certainly had a grand time at Stitches, didn't we? I can't wait for next year! And thanks to you and Martha for adopting me. I always wanted to have siblings.