Friday, February 5, 2016

Two Jobs and a Funeral

Well, it looks like we made it through. January was quite a month for sure. Of course, I traveled to Tacoma and back. That’s always a treat. I arrived on Saturday evening and did what I do—which was watch some football playoffs. I thought maybe, just maybe, the Packers could pull out a victory in the OT. Sadly, no. I was at Nina’s house and we were sort of going back and forth between a movie and the game. I missed Hail Mary #2 but knew something was happening when my phone blew up with texts. When my sister texts me about a game I know it’s gotta be good.

I tuned in just in time to see the opponent win. Sigh.

The next day was no better. I ran in the rain (and it was raining….almost all week long….or at least when we had events like a trip to Seattle or a funeral). On the other days it got almost sunny.  


Either way, Sunday’s game was also a great disappointment when Seattle lost to the Panthers. Again—thought maybe a comback was possible….but no.            

We started the week cleaning out Grampa’s apartment. That was a treat. I can’t express how annoying it truly was. Considering that we didn’t have much say over how it was done and there seemed to be some feeling that we had to be at the mercy of someone I don’t particularly care for. So, for everyone who knows me, I can be polite but I don’t bow to people who have treated me poorly and have outright disrespected my mother, and in some cases, Grampa. I guess other family members don’t see it quite that way. (In my family, I’m the “Which one on these is not like the others…..”)

That being said, the week wasn’t really too pleasant. Except for time I spent with my family--


Bland and Cody 2016Rare Sunny Day


DSC01286Melanie at the original Starbucks


I don’t think I got a picture of Blane and Melanie actually posing together. Maybe because when we went to Seattle it was so pouring down rain there wasn’t much chance to pose.

IMG_1722Here’s one where they are in the same picture----On the left

We stayed on a hotel on the water which was pretty sweet. That was probably the most enjoyable of all the things. I love a hotel.

DSC01288DSC01289Some boat views from our room.

We hung at the Spar a few times cause it was right up the street




The funeral was Saturday and, as was the theme of the trip, it rained like hell. We stood outside under our umbrellas in the damp cold and put grampa in the columbarium with Mother. I wonder if she appreciated that? Eventually they will go back to Portland to Riverview and be buried with Mother’s family. I hope they give him a hard time. I don’t have resentment issues, really.

During the whirlwind of fun I was having, I accepted a new position at Mayo. After much thought I realized that I have no ties to the area anymore, it’s getting more difficult working remotely, and I’m not going to move forward in my job as I once thought I was. Soooo—I not only went to a funeral, I accepted a new job and resigned from the old one. I do know how to live it up.

Anyway—best part of the funeral dinner was the dessert--



Cause nothing says funeral dinner like a football cake and cupcakes. Don’t judge.

We’re back home now. Cats were very happy--


Beta was happy and thanks so much to Laura for taking Puddy and Beta—two worst babysitting candidates EVER.

We ordered this for the cats

Right? Cheap from Wayfair-free shipping…..

Sadly, Beta is fading fast. He likely won’t see March but he will see the Superbowl with us.

Poor old dog. He is 13 now, his birthday was Feb 1st. He didn’t care much.

I think that’s it. One more trip on the 13th, Stitches West on the 18th. Can’t wait—Jeepers. I better get ready-I have to have my homework and supplies in place. Oh, and even better is it’s the end of the quarter in grad school so I don’t have any work to do while I’m gone. Soooo happy.

Today, however, is looking like a pretty good day.


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