Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Other Stuff that Happened to Happen

So it’s still pretty quiet around here except that we have 4 cats, and Beta and the Giant Dog Cody.

IMG_1474I am big  

IMG_1473This cat really annoys me

IMG_1464I am mad all the time. Don’t take my picture.

So, it’s crowded. We sort of like Cody better than Beta right now. But that’s a whole other story.

Either way, before the Labor Day weekend Dave and I went to the Minnesota State Fair. We got there sorta late so we had to pay 20 bucks to park. Jeepers. Seattle prices. Although it was all day so maybe not quite Seattle prices. But still, you get in MN and you start to get cheap.

I ate a grilled cheese sandwich—only ok. A chocolate shake. Really good. A banana bar. Yum. And had a bit of Dave’s Braut. There was so much more. One really needs to get there earlier and scope it out before making choices. It was a nice day and we were there for about 2 1/2 hours before the crowds started getting to be too much. I would have spent wayyyy more time looking at knitting and quilting and crafts. But Dave. Nuff. Said.

We saw lotsa other stuff though….

Sheep getting ready for show. I found them to be a little Klannish.

DSC01139  I’ll scare you on Halloween.


And some giant horses

You can’t tell but this horse is super large and is being held back with a little nylon rope.

DSC01146 It’s only by choice I don’t crush you…….

And my favorite--

DSC01147 Do you have directions to the Mix farm? I’ve heard it’s nice there.

There were some rabbits too but no chickens or avians because of the avian flu.

DSC01143 I’m spotted

Oh, let me digress. The week before was the last Thursday on First and I went there with Nancy P and Dave--

DSC01138 See ya next year TonF

The boys came over the sad Labor Day weekend. We did have a rousing Poker Game--

The Aftermath…(maybe this is why Trivial Pursuit didn’t go so well)


We tried to go to a rummage sale sponsored by Mayo. We went to the Plummer Building-

IMG_1456 (2)

It was at the Plummer House..oops. I got a nice pic of Blane and Melanie in front of my favorite statue—the flying boy and dolphin.

The next weekend Ilan got married and we were up in the cities.



All grown up.


Cody was the officiant. And yes, that’s a beer in the groom’s hand.


I’ve been home and having busy days and weekends since. (Was that only LAST weekend???) Yeah. Well, it seems like last month at least. Next weekend is up to the cities with Mary for Women Run the Cities. And the following weekend is quilt retreat. Can. Not. Wait.

In my spare time, I’m just a crazy cat person taking pictures of the pets….

IMG_1468 I’ll cut you

IMG_1459 Blane? Melanie? Hello?




IMG_1465I’m giving that thing a wide berth….

IMG_3376Seriously, do not disturb

IMG_3394  I’m naughty and I don’t care.

IMG_3403Princesses and peas……

And lastly, Abby’s flowers--

IMG_3408 IMG_3410

RIP Girlie. We still miss you.

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