Monday, March 23, 2015

March Madness

Gosh, I love the NCAA basketball tourney-especially when everyone’s brackets bust after the first round. Nice. Nancy P gave me a basketball clapper for my birthday to use during especially exciting games. Not only is it fun for cheering-it scares the bejesus out of the cats. Win. Win.

So, Wisconsin won yesterday afternoon and advances to the sweet 16. (They beat Oregon so it was a little bittersweet.)  I know because I was home to watch it. I was supposed to be here- but I wasn’t because of this-

We were in the 6-8 inch total. We tried to drive up to the cities around 11 AM when the snow first started flying. Counted 5 cars in the ditch in the first 30 miles and gave up after that. Although I think we could have made it and I could have run. But, oh well. I wasn’t the driver. Just saying.

It started like this



Ended like this-



Jack, the cat who is always looking for means of escape, made a break for it this AM while I was taking pictures-


He made it half way down the stairs before realizing that it today isn’t the day to make a run for it. (Run is a relative term for Jack by the way).


Last week it was sunny and warm. (Two days ago it was sunny and warm…)  I had a lovely birthday dinner with Laura, Nancy, and Angie hosted by Mary K. And do you think I got a picture?? No. I had my camera and everything.

Monday I had lunch with Mary B and Lynn-my coworkers from Winona Co. As you can see, it was a nice day and we had a fabulous walk.


See? No snow. None. Anywhere.


Mary and I had the same Women Run the Cities shirts on! Just saying.

Now this-

Bike 1

I think that says it all.

Last weekend I started on the giant paper pieced project Paradise in Bloom

I am working on the center pieces right now.


I’m not sure I’ll do the 90+ inch like the one above. I may stop at 70+ inches. It’s for a wall and I’m not sure I have a wall quite that big!

This is the smaller version.

Tonight we have dancing. Tomorrow I finish up my CPR recert. Next Friday I am off to Phoenix and then Tucson for my nephew’s wedding. Jeepers.

I am looking forward to a weekend with nothing planned. I think that’s in June sometime…

I took a picture of Abby this week-


Which totally reminded me of this-

A McKayla

Right?? Neither Abby nor McKayla are impressed.


Happy Spring! (It’s out there somewhere)


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